Why I Review Sent Products and is it Bad?

There is a lot of tension it seems sometimes with people reviewing products for brands. I never had a problem with it unless it was obvious ...

There is a lot of tension it seems sometimes with people reviewing products for brands. I never had a problem with it unless it was obvious that that person was being dishonest or fake. You can just tell by the way they present it or how they do it.

Why Do I Review?
Because it is the most fun thing I do. I pretty much dissect the product so you, the reader, can understand that product, so if you were looking for something along those lines you can be aware of it. I also love helping out the brand and getting the word out about their shop. If that brand has something I want to try out, I get excited to try it out. I do not go and talk about things that I would not like or want. And if I happen to not like a particular product that they send me(and it happens to be something I thought I would like), I will clearly say that I was not impressed with that product.

How I go about Reviewing products?
I personally contact the shops myself. I love trying out new products or brands, and if they are willing to send me anything to review, I will be glad to do so and get their name out there. I am not looking for free things, I am simply having fun reviewing items I would not be able to afford. It's a great way for them to get their name out there and for me to try out products I would have never tried before. That is how I got my favorite tinted moisturizer. I bought a full size after I did a review on the sample. I do buy, if I truly love the product. I may like many of the products I get, but I may not buy the full size. At least I get their name out there. I love reviewing, it's a hobby of mine and I think I am pretty good at it. :)

Can you trust my reviews?
Yes. I truly hope so. I do my very best to be honest and I would love for you the readers to hear about new products or small homemade shops. Mainly ones that are natural and vegan. :)

Last Thoughts
I love reviewing and I love telling you guys about the products I get to use. I have never been paid to write a review, but I was sent the products.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below!


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  1. This is interesting to me as a new blogger, I know a lot of girls get products to review but I didn't know if it was because companies sought them out or if bloggers contact the companies. I'd love to hear more about your experiences with this as I'd like to get into doing it myself eventually. If you have the time and wouldn't mind elaborating on how you started/go about doing it/who to contact would you send me an email at


    If not I understand but if you wouldn't mind, I would be so appreciative.

  2. Meredith, of course. I will email you soon!