What is Be Your Own Beauty?

Be Your Own Beauty is a place for inspiration, beauty, and creativity. Founded in 2011 by Kristina Stone, a beauty enthusiast who writes about finding your own individually through beauty expression. Over the years after much research and exploration, Kristina has made it a passion to bring light to how product ingredients can affect you. She believes in taking care of yourself by using products that are made up of gentle and healthy ingredients. She has come to learn to love her natural beauty and using products that enhance that with a mix of glam. This blog has transformed into something far greater than makeup; it is educating and fun! This blog is for those who are seeking tips, knowledge, advice, and products related to natural beauty as a lifestyle and as a person. Topics include DYI's, product or brand reviews, fashion, skincare, and even mom beauty routines. Everything that a natural beautyholic would have in her life. She hopes to bring positivity to your day and that you will leave this site feeling beautiful, creative, and inspired. 

Who is Kristina Stone?

Hey fellow beauty addicts, I am Kristina Stone. I have always had a passion for writing and obsessed with all things beauty. The past few years I have really dug dip into the natural beauty world. Learning more about how ingredient can affect your family and you, this blog has transformed into something even greater than before! Writing has been a stress relief and motivation to enjoy life. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and have spent the last six years living in many different states with my husband: Oklahoma, Virginia, North Carolina. Throughout that time we have experienced many wonderful and some not so wonderful things. We are currently residing in my home state of Washington with our son Liam. I post on my Instagram account little tidbits of my life with them. Be sure to check out my Pinterest, to see the types of things that I'm into and to take advantage of my web-exploration. I hope this blog, will bring some inspiration to your life. I respond to comments so don't be shy! If you need to get in touch with me Contact Me Here.