Summer Skincare Routine

My Summer Skincare Routine These are the products I am using currently and love each one. I would recommend each and paid for all...

My Summer Skincare Routine

These are the products I am using currently and love each one. I would recommend each and paid for all with my own money. 

I like the purple Pod's towelettes and usually use those the most, but decided to try these out a couple of months ago. So far I really like them.
  •  I do not have dry skin after I use them if I am too lazy to moisturize my skin. 
  • They smell fruity, not in an artificial way, and have a scrubby side and a soft side. 
  • They can burn slightly sometimes, but goes away quick. 
  • They do leave an odd sticky feeling on your face, but I believe it's because it helps keep in moisture. It goes away shortly after you moisturize.
  • Also, they do a good job with taking off makeup and dirt.

I came across La Conchita Naturals randomly on Etsy looking for healthy alternatives for skincare. I LOVE this brand and would like to get more from them. This facial powder is great because it lasts a long time(so far 7 months and I am half way done) and it will not go bad because it is a powder instead of a liquid. 

  • It does not have a smell( sorta a oatmeal smell), so it won't irritate your skin.
  • Once you add water or their honey drops( I have some of it), you mix it and smooth it on your face for a few mins. It makes your skin soft and glowy.
  • It is also a scrub because it has little bits of oatmeal in it.
  • Lastly, the price is great and like I mentioned, it lasts for a long time.

I have heard great things about this soap and surprised how cheap it is in a natural section of a store. I decided to grab it last February on a whim.

  • It smells nice and has a smooth feel to it on the face.
  • It gives you a black face or body when using it since it has charcoal in it, which helps with acne.
  • All natural and great for the skin.
  • It can give a burning feel, but goes away quickly.
  • It leaves your face a little tight so make sure you moisturize.
  • I feel it has helped my skin and I like using it the shower on my body when I break out on my shoulders and back.
I received this in my July Ipsy bag, and love it! 

  • After a good few mins of scrubbing, it makes me skin so soft and blowy. 
  • Smells fruity in a good way.
  • You only need a little.
  • Preps your skin for makeup very well.
  • The full price is a little pricy, but I plan on adding it to my routine once I use up my sample.
Again, I heard great things about this oil and many others and decided to grab this earlier in the year. It has lasted me quite a long time because you don't need a lot to cover your face. It may go away faster now that I like to use it on my legs after a shower.

  • I has an odd smell, but nothing disgusting.
  • It can feel a little oily afterwards and can feel like that throughout the day if you put too much on.
  • It hydrates real well and soaks in great if you use the right amount. 
  • It is great under makeup.
  • It works will with other oils such as coconut oil; I use to use them together.
Coola Mineral Sunscreen (full size $34.00)
I also received this with my Ipsy bag and glad I did. I wanted to find a good face sunscreen that works great under makeup.

  • No scent so it will not irritate the skin.
  • No white case on your face.
  • Is not thick so it is not sticky.
  • It is smooth and a little goes a long way.
This is my routine as of now and has been working well, when I am not lazy that is. ;P

Comment below if you love any other product from these brands that you would like to recommend. Thanks!

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