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I found this brand on Etsy a few weeks ago and was attracted to her natural  skincare and beauty products. I ask her if she was willing t...

I found this brand on Etsy a few weeks ago and was attracted to her natural  skincare and beauty products. I ask her if she was willing to send me samples to try things out and blog about it once I get a feel for the products. I have been wanting to try out more natural things for my body. I am caring more about what I put on my skin now a days.

What I chose
Oatmeal Scrub-I really wanted to try this out because I need to exfoliate my skin and this sounded so clean!

Hyaluronic Moisturizer- I wanted to try a good moisturizer that will protect my skin and help give it a natural hydration.

Light Tinted Moisturizer- I have been loving tinted moisturizers lately and thought I would give a natural one a try. Her motto is that makeup should not be obvious, but enhance your own natural beauty.
The packaging
I was very impressed with the packaging. It was so cute in the little bag and the samples were a very fair amount. As you can see, they are nicely packed in the containers. I love, LOVE the pumps on the moisturizers. The scrub is in a cute container and her logo is so neat. Over all, I really love how professional her packaging is and how she chose to present her product. One thing I learned in college, the more clean and well made your product is(or in my case, my artwork), the more you are saying, respect my product. She did a good job with that.

What I feel about the products
The scrub- it felt so nice and gentle on my skin. You do not need a whole lot to cover the face and it really gets my face soft after I wash it off. I mix it with my mark. brightening cleaner and I may try out Green Beauty's cleanser sometime and mix them together. I would recommend this scrub to any girl who wants to be careful with what she puts on her face.
Application: Just open the top, and dab your fingers in it a few times and rub all over your face. It is simple and quick. I would say to do this for about a min. I never stand there and do it forever.

The moisturizer- When I put it on, it seems that you need to rub it pretty quickly because it does dry fast. However, I love this product! I have combination skin. I get oily during the summer if I do not use the proper products as well as I can get dry if I am not hydrated right. This moisturizer gives me the perfect hydration and I do not seem to need it every day because it continues to give me the hydration I need for a long time. Because of my skin, I may get oily if I use it too often. One thing I do not love about it, is that is has a very strong smell the first time you use it. I am use to it now, but it sure did seem overwhelming the first night I used it. However, it is an awesome hydrator.
Application: With clean hands, pump about three small dabs and then smooth all over your face.

The tinted moisturizer- This is so nice for hot days. I really do not want something heavy on my face during the summers. This smells natural and looks natural on your face. It does not cover any thing, but what I love about it, is that it feels like it evens out your skin and gives the most beautiful natural glow ever. I was staring at my face all day the first time I used it because I had this glow to my face. Not oily or over the top, but nice. Her makeup enhances, not covers. 
My philosophy about makeup is that it is supposed to enhance your natural beauty, not cover it up. Covering up your face with a tinted moisturizer or foundation that is thick enough to make you look like you are wearing a mask, doesn't make you look any younger, nor more beautiful. It just makes you look like you are wearing a mask!-Mati
 I love it. Thank you Green Beauty!
Application: With clean hands, pump about three pumps and smooth all over your face. You do not need a whole lot. I use this over the hyaluronic moisturizer.

How has my skin reacted to these products after using them for more than a week?
I use proactiv and I have acne prone skin. That is super frustrating to me and nothing else that I have tried has worked to clear up my skin. I have not really used any natural products besides the alba line at Walmart which did not help at all. I thought I would give these a try because I worry about what I put on my skin. It just bothers me on how many ingredients are in our beauty products these days.
My skin has not really broken out, as of yet, and it seems to have liked these products. My skin is soft and not oily like it would normally do when I go off of proactiv. I will use these until the samples are up to see the total experiment result. I hope it helps my skin because of it being natural and better for me. I really enjoyed using these products and if it goes well, I plan on purchasing a few other things I looked at on her etsy shop.

Where to get these?
Go to Mati's etsy shop, Green Beauty Cosmetics, and check out all of her natural beauty products. You can read about what is in each products and what it can do for your skin as well as get to know more about Mati. Let her know I sent you!

Thank you Mati for the products. As you can tell, I love them. I hope my skin is happy with them the longer I use them.

Side note, this is what Mati shared with me on our esty conversation that I feel you would like to know: Did you know that if a product contains water, it should NEVER be in a jar? Water equals bacteria and mold, and fingers equals contamination. The only way the big companies get away with selling creams in jars is by putting up to 3 different parabens into the cream. So, beware of jars. Only waterless ointments and salves should be in jars.

I was sent these and did not pay for them, however gave my honest review! :)


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  1. What a great and detailed review! I'm currently using a Hyaluronic serum and I love it, it feels so moisturizing!