Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Getting Fit in 21 days and How I Did It!

I want to share my fitness journey thus far! I started the 21 day fix with beach body 21 days ago!


I was never really overweight. I would go back and fourth pounds. After I got married I gained 15 lbs and probably under the "overweight" category. I was 127lbs when I got married and got up to 155lbs. I was always tired no matter how much sleep I got. I never felt right in my clothes and went up a size or two. I wanted to change that this month! And this program helped kick start my motivation, my fitness level, and eating habits. It only takes 21 days to start a habit!

Why I wanted to Join the Challenge:
I wanted to feel normal again. I wanted something important to do and feel great. I wanted to be in the best shape of my life before kids. And maintain it. I wanted to feel great in clothes. I wanted to be healthy. I wanted to prevent getting diabetes because it runs highly in my mother's side. I wanted to be fit.

My results!

I lost 8lbs! I lost an inch on my arms, 2 1/2 on my waist, 1 inch on my hips, and 2 inches off my thighs!

I had so many gals on Facebook cheer me on and keep me motivated! If I cheated I would tell them, if I did great I would tell them. Having that accountability and support group is what kept me going and sometimes you don't have that. That is why challenge groups are great!

I loved it so much I decided to become a coach and help others! I am starting a 21 day challenge group on Facebook if you want to join. It will start Aug. 16th so it gives you time to get ready. If you are interested in joining and making your life better and want to finally see results, comment below your email! 


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

In a Rut

When I started this blog, I was so excited and ready to write about all the things I love. It was so easy to do at the time and I even had more time. But things change and life goes on. I am so sad I haven't been caught up with this blog because it was such a fun outlet for me and sadly it stopped. It became more of a chore than fun and eventually just stopped. But, in 2014 I plan on getting back into it so I can enjoy things I use to enjoy even though life isn't where I want it to be right now.

What have you done to spark up your blog or what motivates you to keep writing?

Thanks for actually reading this post.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

(Late)October 2013: Ipsy Bag Review

I apologize for posting this one late! I had this saved as a draft and needed to finish it but I haven't had any motivation to blog. It saddens me greatly. However, before I post my recent Ipsy bag, here is October's.

Zoya Mason:
It is a nice pinky purple and as you can see below it goes great with other colors. I like the shine it has and it lasts for days.

Style Sexy Hair Spray Clay:
I only used this once because I am on a picky hair routine( no poo). If you haven't heard of no poo, google it. But with one use I wasn't sure what it did for my hair...

bella terra Mineral Eyeshadow in Navy.
This is a pretty navy blue color. I used it once as a smokey look and I should have taken a picture. I am sorry I was very lazy last month with my blogging!

LA Fresh Oil-Free Face Cleanser wipes:
These were very nice. They dried up quickly, but they didn't make my face sting. It did an okay job with taking off makeup with one wipe. I am not sure if I would go out an purchase a full size pack of them because I like other brands more.

The bag carries quite a bit in it and it has such a cute saying on it! It would be a great gift if you don't want all of the Ipsy bags.

b.h. Cosmetics medium shadow brush:
This brush is great! I love shadow brushes and this one does a great job packing on lid colors. It even blends nicely.

This review was short and sweet. I am coming up with a better review for the November bag. I am so excited to receive December's bag because the sneak peaks on the Ipsy Facebook page are amazing! 

If you want to get a bag for yourself it is only $10 a month for all of this(worth more than $10) click on this link to subscribe!!! http://www.ipsy.com/r/3m0u

What did you get in your October Ipsy bag?

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Echo Vie Lip Balm & Body Oil Review

I contacted Echo Vie because I was very interested in their body oil. And I received their lip balm sample in my Wantable subscription box a few months back and really wanted to see what else they had to offer. When they told me they're going send me the products I was very excited to try them out.

I was sent these products for free but I was not paid to review them. This is my honest opinion on the products. 

They offer organic lip balm and organic body oil at www.echovie.com/

The Lip Balm
This lip balm is amazing. I am very picky with lips balms because a lot of them do not actually moisturize your lips. Some balms you have to put reapply every five minutes or it just feels like it's going on the top your lips instead of penetrating. 

This actually makes your lips feel really smooth and stays on for about 45 minutes to an hour(if you don't drink often). If used regularly this lip balm will keep your lips moisturize and prepped for other lip products.

The flavor is peppermint which I love and it has a little tingle on your lips. Great lip balm overall and I recommend it to anyone.

Body Oil

This body oil has so many amazing oils in it such as Jojoba oil, orange pill, lemon, and more. Those oils make your legs and body feel so smooth and soft. Your body will stay moisturize for days after a shower. 

The oil smells like cloves and it is pretty strong but it goes away after a few hours. It isn't a girly smell but the benefits from this oil outweighs that. 

I like how it has a dropper because you only need a few drops for your entire legs and a few drops for the upper half of your body. And I've had this for a few months and I've only used one fourth of the whole bottle.

I recommend this body oil to anyone because it is so worth the price.

I want to thank Echo Vie for sending these amazing products. Thanks for reading and comment below your questions or concerns.


Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 2013 Ipsy Bag Review: Classic Beauty

Ipsy did it again for me! I haven't been disappointed since I subscribed in May. This month's theme is Classic Beauty. I love how they have themes each month. The products I got are awesome and I can do a whole face look with them, which is what I LOVE about ipsy. Every bag is enough products for a full look and also enough product for many many uses. This bag is worth $37.99!! Get your bag HERE!
Products I got:

The Bag(see above)
Can you say goregous! I love the color and you can fit a ton of makeup products inside it. The pattern is unique and classy.

This lip balm looks so pretty.
  • I have another product from Cailyn that I love and it's their gel liner. This lip balm also has a little brush on top and it works well as a lip brush.
  • The product goes on easily and stays put.
  • It does not on transfer which is a huge plus!
  • The down fall is that the product is very drying. My advice is to add a good chapstick on first, then if it is still dry, put a little lipgloss on the top of the balm.
  • I love the color and it doesn't look over the top which is great for work!
  • I would recommend this to anyone.

My husband took this picture because I couldn't capture the true color and he did a great job with how close he got. This purple has a pink side, but it is a cool purple.
  • This isn't' a super pigmented product, but it does do a decent job.
  • The color looks very pretty on and is a great crease color.
  • It is smooth going on and blends easily.
  • I would recommend this to anyone.

I LOVE this nude color! I was super happy I got a nude this time around. Thanks ipsy!
  • It is very silky and goes on smoothly.
  • Do not have to layer much.
  • Lasts a decent amount of time.
  • It does transfer but most lipsticks do.
  • I would recommend this to anyone!

I was not impressed with this mascara.
  • I didn't feel like it did much for me, it did lengthen, but not much.
  • I had to layer it quite a bit for it to do anything.
  • Nothing special and wouldn't recommend it.

I generally do not like eye pencils, I prefer gel liners, however this is nice.
  • It is silky and glides on effortlessly.
  • It is dark and lasts all day.
  • It doesn't smudge much, but it is easy to smudge on the lower lash line.
  • I would recommend this to anyone!
I also got a sample card of Michelle Phan's em cosmetics new makeup line of one of her eye palettes. I forgot to take a picture, but it is nothing much. I haven't tried it yet.

Get your own bag HERE!!

Thanks for reading. What is your favorite product this month? If you want to subscribe, just click any of the ipsy links or HERE.

My Hair Diaries: The No-Poo Journey Week 6

If you haven't heard of going "no-poo" before, look it up. I don't have any links for you because I have done a bit of digging and didn't really save my research, but I can say go to a facebook group called "No Poo(no shampoo & Loo poo) https://www.facebook.com/groups/nopoo/ and they have so much info in the link section.

Using this non-tradtional method has many benefits and they really sucked me in. I have seen first hand from a friend of mine that it truly works!

No-poo is basically ditching your shampoo and even conditioner which can be full of sulfates(product that coats your hair and will build up over time) and parabens(toxins that are known for various issues).

You can go many routes with this journey such as only washing with water, washing with a tea rinse, washing with a baking soda mixture, apple cider vinegar as conditioner, castile soap or many other methods.

Personally I tried the baking soda and ASV route, but I do not think that worked very well for me. My hair didn't feel right or look right. However it may have been because I was/still am transitioning.
You will go through a detox period called "the transition" and you will experience many frustrations and up do's. My hair was very very greasy, especially at the crown of my head, and my hair was waxy, sticky to the touch and looked straw like and greasy at the same time. It is an odd combination and the texture was just a whole lot of things. I am mad at myself for not taking any pictures( I have one during my first week of no poo but you can't really see very well, but it does show the grease).
As you can see, my hair looks flat and greasy on top and slightly straw like/dry on the ends. If you saw the back of my head, you would be amazed I kept my hair down. This was after a wash and I was hopeful it would dry nicely. 

Since the first week I tried using BS and ASV every 4 days or so and I didn't like the way my hair felt or looked. It did get a little better texture wise, but still had this greasy feeling. So I wrote out my frustrations on the facebook page was suggested castile soap and I bought Dr. Woods Tea Tree Castile Soap(about two weeks ago). I LOVED the first rinse and it smells so good. It doesn't lather, but it does clean your hair. When my hair dried, it felt silky and smooth. It wasn't super greasy and even could run my fingers through my hair without a fuss, even when my hair was dry.

However, after about 2 days my hair would be greasy. I would wait about 5 days to use the soap and probably only 1 water only wash in between. The water only seemed to help slightly. Then about three days ago(week five) I wanted to try the baking soda rinse again to see if that would help with the oil cause I heard it can. I used paste instead(just add some powder and water in palm of hand to make a paste and massage into scalp instead of 1 tablespoon of BS to 1 cup of water). However, my hair went crazy and got super oily and hard to brush(just like week 1). It got sticky and straw like, AGAIN! I tried washing it out the best I could. 

Moral of the story, BS may not be for me. I used cold water, so maybe that was my problem. It is all about trail and error, which can be so discouraging! But the girls on the Facebook page said it is so worth the wait and your hair will be amazing! I may still be in transition, so I will wait it out.

As you see above, my hair looks so dry! However, when you feel the scalp area, it is a little oily, especially the back. The odd thing is is that it feels soft. My hair looks so much better with the Dr. Woods soap. I may need to dilute the soap and then use hot water rinse so it doesn't get greasy. I will keep you updated on my journey.

Thanks for reading my hair ramblings and comment below and tips or questions!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 2013 Ipsy Bag Review ft. Urban Decay & Others

It is that time of the month where I share my ipsy bag. Again, I am blown away on how amazing they put together my bag and the products they chose are incredible for the price of the bag. Let me remind you that this subscription service is only $10.00 and shipped either to the US or Canada at the moment.

This month's theme is Glamour Academy!

Get ready for your first day at the "Glamour Academy" at ipsy! This month's August Glam Bag is perfect for the professional or student. It's full of beauty essentials that are perfect for stashing in your school bag or when you're prepping for your next big party! 

I like the colors of the bag, however as you see, my bag has backwards lettering, which I thought was hilarious. It is a let down, but the products that came with it are awesome.

The bag can hold a lot of products and fit in my purse.

As I opened the bag this month, I was thrilled with the size of the samples and even had a full size pigment.


 Urban Decay 69 Lipstick
This lipstick is very pretty and adds that perfect glamour to any look. 
  • Stays on for a long time and keeps its color
  • You don't need a lot of product to get a bold look
  • I love how smooth it feels on my lips and doesn't tug

 Michael Todd Pumpkin Facial Mask
This mask smells just like pumpkin pie! 
  • It burns a little, but goes away after a min or so
  • It doesn't take long to dry and feels great on the skin
  • You don't need a lot to cover your face
  • Your face feels great after you wash it off and seems to help with my blemishes

Smashbox Photo Finish Face Primer
This was one of the primers I wanted to try out and it is pricey for the full size(I got a 1oz size). I was very excited to see that it can be included in our bag!
  • It feels so silky going on and your face feels super smooth
  • It does a great job with prepping your skin for foundation
  • Your foundation looks literally flawless with this primer
  • Lasts all day!

 Lime Crime Nail Polish in Crema De Limon
This was an extra for referring two people last month! I never tried this brand before
I have no review as of yet because I haven't tried it on, but have heard great reviews.

Pixie Lash Booster Mascara
This mascara is not dramatic, but it adds length and separates the lashes real well.

 Mica Beauty Cosmetics Loose Shadow in Bronze

This shadow is very simple but creates a lovely lid color. It is very pigmented and easy to use.

This is the look I created with the bag's products:
  • Bronze shadow on the lid
  • Pixie mascara on the lashes
  • Urban Decay on the lips
  • Smashbox under the foundation
You can get your very own bag for $10.00 a month when you click HERE!
Thanks for reading and comment below which products you liked the most in this month's bag.