August 2013 Ipsy Bag Review ft. Urban Decay & Others

It is that time of the month where I share my ipsy bag. Again, I am blown away on how amazing they put together my bag and the products the...

It is that time of the month where I share my ipsy bag. Again, I am blown away on how amazing they put together my bag and the products they chose are incredible for the price of the bag. Let me remind you that this subscription service is only $10.00 and shipped either to the US or Canada at the moment.

This month's theme is Glamour Academy!

Get ready for your first day at the "Glamour Academy" at ipsy! This month's August Glam Bag is perfect for the professional or student. It's full of beauty essentials that are perfect for stashing in your school bag or when you're prepping for your next big party! 

I like the colors of the bag, however as you see, my bag has backwards lettering, which I thought was hilarious. It is a let down, but the products that came with it are awesome.

The bag can hold a lot of products and fit in my purse.

As I opened the bag this month, I was thrilled with the size of the samples and even had a full size pigment.


 Urban Decay 69 Lipstick
This lipstick is very pretty and adds that perfect glamour to any look. 
  • Stays on for a long time and keeps its color
  • You don't need a lot of product to get a bold look
  • I love how smooth it feels on my lips and doesn't tug

 Michael Todd Pumpkin Facial Mask
This mask smells just like pumpkin pie! 
  • It burns a little, but goes away after a min or so
  • It doesn't take long to dry and feels great on the skin
  • You don't need a lot to cover your face
  • Your face feels great after you wash it off and seems to help with my blemishes

Smashbox Photo Finish Face Primer
This was one of the primers I wanted to try out and it is pricey for the full size(I got a 1oz size). I was very excited to see that it can be included in our bag!
  • It feels so silky going on and your face feels super smooth
  • It does a great job with prepping your skin for foundation
  • Your foundation looks literally flawless with this primer
  • Lasts all day!

 Lime Crime Nail Polish in Crema De Limon
This was an extra for referring two people last month! I never tried this brand before
I have no review as of yet because I haven't tried it on, but have heard great reviews.

Pixie Lash Booster Mascara
This mascara is not dramatic, but it adds length and separates the lashes real well.

 Mica Beauty Cosmetics Loose Shadow in Bronze

This shadow is very simple but creates a lovely lid color. It is very pigmented and easy to use.

This is the look I created with the bag's products:
  • Bronze shadow on the lid
  • Pixie mascara on the lashes
  • Urban Decay on the lips
  • Smashbox under the foundation
You can get your very own bag for $10.00 a month when you click HERE!
Thanks for reading and comment below which products you liked the most in this month's bag. 

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