100% Pure Cosmetics and Skincare Review and Swatches

Hey lovelies! I received a few things from 100% Pure, an amazing brand, and I am excited to review them. Their products are just...

Hey lovelies!

I received a few things from 100% Pure, an amazing brand, and I am excited to review them. Their products are just up my ally!

What I got:

Toner, Lip and cheek tint, and lip gloss! All of them are pigmented from fruit and made from natural ingredients. 

As you can read, this has 83% Vitamin E in it. This color is in Pink Peach and it's lovely on the lips. 
It is smooth and very natural looking. You can build it up a bit. The only thing I do not like is how much you have to put back the applicator to get the product on. It barley has anything on the applicator when you pull it out. However, it is very nice and smells nice. I doesn't have that artificial smell, so if you love super sweet or artificial fruity smells, you may not care for its smell.
This is $13 on their site.

With bare lips.

With the gloss on. It looks very natural with some glossy feel to it.

If you love lip and cheek tints, you may love this. It is very natural and smells very good. I love this color! This color is peach glow. It glides on the skin very nicely and leaves your lips and face glowing. I love the way it makes you look flushed in a good way.
This is $15 on their site.

It was hard to capture on the camera, but this is the lip and cheek tint.

This toner is amazing! I can already see results and I really want the acne cleanser! This has a really strong smell though. It smells of Tea Tree, however it feels great on the skin and leaves your skin hydrated afterwards. I do not have a great moisturizer right now so with just this, my skin feels soft and hydrated. You just use a cotton ball to cleanse off any makeup or dirt. It does an awesome job! 
 This is $21 on their site.

I also got some body butter samples, which smell amazing and are so soft! :) 

This is me with the gloss and cheek tint. Like I said, these are hard to capture on camera, but they look great in person!

Overall Review:
  • Customer service- great! They are nice and so generous! 
  • Packaging: I was going to show a picture of the awesome way they packaged these. They made sure nothing could break and I had to dig through the packing foam, which was fun because I felt like I was searching for treasure :). The paper they were wrapped in were cute. The fact that the toner is in a glass bottle is neat. I really am impressed with this brand.
  • Logo: I like their lovely logo and art on their products. They are simple, yet bold.
  • Website: I love their website. Their set up is easy to look around and they have a lovely background.
  • Smell: Overall, the smell of the products are great and not distracting. However, the toner is very strong if you are not big on strong smells. I like it the more I use it. Just my preference. 
  • Product range- there is a variety of natural products ranging from skincare to baby care.
  • Price: They are a bit pricey if you compare it to drugstore, but then again you are paying for great quality and non-toxic products. :)
  • Overall rating: 5/5 stars!!
My favorite things about these products:
Made from fruit
Smell natural

Where to buy?

Last thoughts:
I highly recommend this brand and you will enjoy their products if you are looking for great quality natural products!
Thank you 100% Pure for sending me these amazing products. I have found a great company to buy from when I need safe, natural products!
Note I was not paid to review this. This was my honest opinion of the brand.

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  2. Thank you, your review's so helpful since I've been Googling about 100% Pure's lip & cheek tint. :)
    It looks good!

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