Herban Luxe Review + facebook Giveaway!

Hello beauties! I have been gone a little while because I have been working more than usual! It was rather tiresome but I was happy with my ...

Hello beauties! I have been gone a little while because I have been working more than usual! It was rather tiresome but I was happy with my hrs. :)

Anyway, here is what I received from a new etsy company who sells mostly vegan cosmetics as well as accessories.

I apologize that my pictures are not epic anymore, because like I have mentioned, I do not have a camera anymore. *supersadface*

I got:
  • an awesome sample size of her vegan black mascara 
  • three cuties sample shadows in Sunset(pink one), Antique Copper(the browner one), and Plum(the more purple one)
  • CoQ10 Makeup Primer
  • a cute pin which I put on my purse!
  • Black mascara
    • this mascara has a traditional wand, something like a brow gel wand.
    • it lengthens very very well and holds up great!
    • it adds some volume, not crazy volume but it has enough to make your lashes full.
    • my favorite thing about this mascara is that it is vegan and has no toxins like most brand names. Sure, I may not die from those, but I like to know that I do not have certain things in my mascara.
    • lastly, it lasts all day, it has not flaked on me.
      • the only downfall SLIGHTLY is that is can be a little hard to wash off, but who cares! :)
  • Cuties shadows
    • These are very pigmented
    • Super silky and lovely amount of sheen!
    • Easy to blend which is a HUGE plus for me. I hate shadows that will not budge when you try to blend.
    • Stays on all day with my primers.
      • I notice a SLIGHT fade after a whole day(8 hrs?), but my makeup still looks good after working all day at a daycare. :)
  • CoQ10 Makeup Primer
    • Here is the description because it is exactly like it states:
      • Does your makeup skip across your face? Does your skin feel like the sahara desert? Do you feel that your pores look like craters? Are those little laugh lines getting no so little? Girl, you're not alone! We all struggle with skin complexion problems. That's why I created CoQ10 Primer, which prepares your skin for seamless foundation coverage - no matter which foundation you use. 

        This primer will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and will help prep your skin for an awesome makeup application. I've infused this primer with CoQ10 and Green Tea. 

        CoQ10 will help repair your skin and build much needed collagen. Green Tea is a great antioxidant that will help fight free radicals. 
    • It feels silky on my face 
    • When I apply my foundation, it goes on flawless 
    • It gives my skin a nice "glow" not greasy look
    • My favorite part is that is helps my foundation and any other product to set very nicely on my skin, giving it a complete look instead of looking like layers. If that makes any sense! 
    • I love what is in this product to!
I have a few other brands on my eyes, but I am using Antique Copper as the V, crease area, and then Sunset on the lid! I also used CoQ10 Makeup Primer under my makeup. 

That is all I need to say I believe. I highly suggest you try out her stuff and watch how her brand grows. I am excited to see what she has up her sleeve in the next months!

You can get her products here! http://www.etsy.com/shop/herbanluxe

  • Go to my fan page here(BE YOUR OWN BEAUTY) and like it. My contest album will have the details to the contest. You will win Herban Luxe one full size brown mascara and a snappy reclaimed fabric snappy pouch(she will be offering these soon in her shop). 
I was sent these to review, however these are my honest opinions. :)
Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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