Struggling with Adult Acne and How to Get Rid of it!

The one thing in my life that has made me the most insecure is acne. I have had it since I was at least twelve years old. I remember trying ...

The one thing in my life that has made me the most insecure is acne. I have had it since I was at least twelve years old. I remember trying to hide those hugs pimples on my chin by covering it with my hands as I slouched at the table. I remember crying to myself in my room thinking I looked horrible.
I also remember thinking I never looked good in makeup.

That is many of your stories to, huh?

Now that I am 22 and STILL have issues, I have coped with the fact that I will have blemishes or bad breakouts often and need to get back on a routine that works. I was in a period in my life where my skin cleared up! It vanished. How? I will tell you. Most importantly, I need to get back into this routine.

I will list some steps it took to clear my skin.

*Disclaimer- This worked for me and everyone is different. These are just tips and ideas for you to try out. :)

Step One: Figure out what skin type you have
  • What is a skin type? Examples: Is your skin dry, normal(meaning easy to work with), oily, combination, or sensitive. 
  • How do I figure out what my skin type is? 
    • Easy! If your skin tends to be more oily around the t-zone, and you feel like your skin is always slippery, than you are oily. 
    • If your skin flacks often after washing and you can see flakes on your skin through your makeup, then you have dry skin.
    • If you have a oily t-zone and have dryness on the cheeks and chin/jaw area, then you have combination skin.
    • If products make you break out or give you redness or your skin peels, then you have sensitive skin.
      • Disclaimer- I am not a professional, but I am sharing what I have learned.
      • I am also combination skin.
Step Two: Find the Right Skincare Products for you
  • I used many products and it was so hard for me to find something that really cleared my skin of acne and scars.
    • I finally used the Proactiv system my first year of college! It worked very well and almost cleared it completely. The thing about this system is that you must not be lazy or you will not get great results.
    • Drugstore products never seemed to work not matter how patient I was.
    • I even tried a prescribed cream and worked good but I wanted a system with a cleanser and moisturizer, so I stopped using it.
    • Remember to wash your face every day and find a good moisturizer! 
Step Three: Birth Control
  • I was getting married in 2010 to my best friend and in Dec. 2009 I got on birth control so that my body will be use to it by the time I got married in May 2010. This really helped to clear up my skin!
    • It gave me a nice glow.
    • Cleared me completely. I had a few blemishes now and then.
    • I was still using the proactiv system
      • Some birth control does have bad side effects but mine was good.
Step Four: Have a steady Exercise Routine
  • I found that after exercising for a few months, my skin overall was great. 
  • The more you sweat, the more toxins are released from your body.
  • This also helps getting your blood flowing and that helps with your skins overall appearance.
Step Five: Vitamins baby!
  • I highly suggest using vitamins.
  • I used Vitamin C, E, Calcium, Fish Oil, and Biotin(great for the hair and skin).
  • Of course a one a day vitamin is great!
  • Do not over do it with vitamins because some do not get flushed out of the body as easily as some. Look into it!
Step Six: Water
  • As simple as it is, just drink water and cut back on sugary drinks.
Step Seven: Being happy
  • Stress can cause acne, so be happy! :D

Those were basically what I did when my skin was at its best! I fell out of some of them and must get back there. Remember environment has a lot to do with it to because I moved to a new state once I got married and I live in a humid area now. That can cause your skin to react negatively. Just an FYI that if you move, you may need to change your skincare routine. :)

Another note, I have been trying out a few other skincare brands and natural products. I will update you on that. But for now, this was what worked best for me.

Thanks for reading and hope this was helpful!

Any questions? Comment below!

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