All Things Herbal Natural Skincare Review and Giveaway!(CLOSED)

All Things Herbal You can learn more about this brand if you click here ! They are obvious a natural skincare brand and they are family...

All Things Herbal
You can learn more about this brand if you click here!
They are obvious a natural skincare brand and they are family based.

I contacted this brand because it is safe to use and natural. I was impressed with their website and what they have to offer. This is what they sent me:

Awesome packaging!

This is awesome and smells amazing! I used this in a bath and it really made the whole room smell great. I smelled really good afterwards for awhile. The almond delight is a great smell. All you do is break off a piece like a candy bar and let it soak in a bath. It was fun watching it fizz up. :) I give this product a 5/5 stars!

Mmmmm this smells great. I love how moisturizing this is. It really does a great job making your skin smell great for hrs. I give this a 5/5 stars as well!

Lavender is a great smell, in a lot of products. This is a great soap for washing your hands. I use it to clean my brushes to! 5/5 stars!

This is also a great hand bar and smells so great. I love how all of these have great smells and are great for you. I would say that this helps with dry skin and gives your skin a very fresh clean feel. 5/5 stars!

This facial bar smells so good! It has a strong green tea smell, but you can handle it. It does a great job with helping my acne from what I can tell. It helps diminish my redness and really cleans the face. I use this before or after my cleanser. :)
5/5 stars!

Mmmm, this bar is called Irish Heather Soap and I use this in the shower. It really cleans your skin and after the shower, my skin does not have flakiness like it usually does. I smell amazing for hrs! :) 5/5 stars for how smooth my skin feels.

The lip balms I got were in Peace of Mind(a mint flavor), Lemon Chamomile, and Chardonnay(grape!).
They smell great and I gave the Lemon to my husband and the Chardonnay to my mother-in-law and they both love them. They really moisturize the lips and the smell is very pleasing. 

The Review Overall:
5/5 stars for overall product quality and performance.
The packaging: is super cute how they send these to me. I am a sucker for great packaging and style and how you portray your brand. They do a great job with how they show off their products.
The Smell: their products smell natural and yummy at the same time! They do a great job and not over doing their smells. :)
The performance: The soaps are made very well and do what they describe they do. I really enjoy using their products on my skin and they have helped my dry/acne prone skin. Thanks! The lip balms are  very moisturizing and you do not have to reapply a lot!
The customer service: Great! They are very nice and answer questions at a decent time. :)

Where can you purchase these products?:

Last Thoughts:
This brand is very impressive and I would purchase from them. I would recommend this brand to anyone who wants safe products for their body.
I do not have any cons because I really enjoyed their products and see no bad things about them.

I was sent these for review but wrote my honest opinions.
Thank you All Things Herbal for sending me these wonderful products!


You get to win two soaps of your choice from All Things Herbal!
How to enter/Rules:
You must be a follower of my blog

You must like All Things Herbal on Facebook and tell them I sent you! :) (Kristina from Be Your Own Beauty) Comment telling them what soaps you would like.

You must be 18 years or older. If not, have your parent's permission

Leave a comment telling me what your fav soaps would be from their site(if you win you can pick two!)

Leave an email so I can contact you if you win

This counts as one entry!

Extra Entries:
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Remember to add how many entries you have made and tell me. :) This will save me time!

This will end Nov. 1st and until then good luck!

Thanks for reading my blog and hope you enjoy this giveaway!


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  1. Hey, this looks like a fun giveaway! I do love my bath stuff. :) The two soaps from All Things Herbal that I think I'd enjoy the most are Lemongrass & Anise and Spicy Little Pumpkin.

    (1) I follow you on GFC as ragingtuna, and my e-mail address is ragingtuna at gmail dot com. I posted a comment on All Things Herbal's FB wall as Alicia T******.

    (2) I followed you on twitter as awesome_tacos.

    (1) I tweeted about your giveaway:!/awesome_tacos/status/120641865119825920

    That's a total of 4 entries!

    Good luck, everyone!

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  3. my fav soaps from the site :classic collection Irish Heather Soap, Northwoods Pine Soap
    facebook share :
    Total entries: 6

  4. I mostly like LBCR - Cranberry Orange Herbal Soap & LBCA - Cherry Almond Herbal Soap.

    I follow you on GFC as Adela, and my e-mail address is adelavoinea[at]yahoo[dot]com. I posted a comment on All Things Herbal's FB wall as Delline Adela.

    I follow you on twitter as @ynocenta.

    I tweeted about your giveaway:!/ynocenta/status/121208293988380672

    I shared on Facebook:

    Total number of entries: 6

  5. I mostly like LBCR - Cranberry Orange Herbal Soap & LBCA - Cherry Almond Herbal Soap.

    GFC: Batool Jafri