UPDATE: 2018 Moving onto Better Things

****UPDATE! I am now writing on this blog once again! :D ----------------------------------------------------------------------------...

****UPDATE! I am now writing on this blog once again! :D


I love this blog with all of my heart. I am a makeup junkie and enjoy writing all about my obsessions, subscriptions, or favorite products. This blog has helped me learn how to run a blog, what people would like, and more about myself.

I have decided to move on to fully focusing on my Motherhood blog. I do write about beauty there and have started a section focusing on that. However, I feel I will no longer be to run both blogs. I do want to keep this blog up for the benefits of others, but want to redirect my readers to my Motherhood blog I started last year.

Please head over to Love at First Kick and subscribe or follow. If you are interested in a whole ray of topics involving motherhood, this is the place for you. Don't worry, makeup will be a common topic there.

Thank you for reading all these years,


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