Ipsy Beach Beauty: July 2013 Inside Look

Have you ever heard of Ipsy , formally known as Myglam? Then you are missing out! It is a beauty subscription for only $10 a month and you r...

Have you ever heard of Ipsy, formally known as Myglam? Then you are missing out! It is a beauty subscription for only $10 a month and you received big samples of products and sometimes even a full size. The cute bag is different looking each month, so you can either use yourself, or use them as gifts! If you interested, click HERE( or any of the other million links I will have in this post) to check it out and don't think twice about signing up.


First off, this bag is super cute! I love how it is waterproof so you can bring it to the beach. I love this month's theme. I love how much ipsy has improved over the last year. I love how I have said I love how, like a million times. :)
 Here are the products broken down and hope you enjoy my reviews.

California Collection- BH Cosmetics

This little sample palette is so cute and you can fit it anywhere. I was excited to try out their shadows, however was a little disappointed. 

Hollywood: This was why I was a little disappointed, it was not very pigmented. I haven't tried it out with a white base, but I shouldn't have to rely on that. It is a nice color and with a few layers can look okay.
San Francisco: I like this color. It is silky and is nicely pigmented.
Malibu: This color is sorta odd because it isn't quite a yellow and not quite gold. It is in-between those and it is a little chalky. But it has nice pigmentation. 

Big Sexy Hair Humidity Hair Spray:
I always wanted to try out this brand of hairspray because I have heard great reviews! And it sure did live up to what I have heard. 
Performance: The #1 thing I love about this is that it doesn't feel sticky! That was what bugged me about my last hairspray. It was sticky and my hair stuck together. This hairspray feels silky and almost not there, yet it keeps the style. 
Packaging: I love that I don't need a cap cause I always loose them anyhow.

My lips look odd

This lip color is super pretty and isn't too bold so it looks so nice and natural. It also isn't too sheer either. 
Performance: This has a nice mint feel and smell. If you don't like that then these aren't for you. It feels smooth, but after a while it does wear and also can feel a little dry. However, it's a nice product.

Coola Mineral Sunscreen Unscented

I love the idea of this because I don't want to have to rely on my foundation to have SPF. 
Performance: I like how this is not sticky and feel smooth. I think it does a good job with protecting my face.

Derma e  Microdermabrasion Scrub:

I love this! I want a full size and will add this to my routine. 
Performance: It smells AMAZING, a fruity smell yet not so artificial. The beads are small and feel amazing on my skin. After I wash it off, my face is super soft and smooth and preps my face for makeup. It helps make my makeup look glowy. The next morning my face looks radiant and small acne spots shrank. 

This bag was really great this month and makes me love that I subscribed again. Last year I subscribed when it first started up and had many issues they needed to get through. Now, they have flourished!

To get your own bags, subscribe here: IPSY.


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