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Today I got my Madd Style Cosmetics package! I found out about this brand last year by a beauty guru by the name of BethBr00tality . She t...

Today I got my Madd Style Cosmetics package!

I found out about this brand last year by a beauty guru by the name of BethBr00tality. She talked about Madd Style Cosmetics and has done many looks with the makeup. I was curious about this brand because it looked great on her, and it's VEGAN.
Beth is such a down to earth, genuine person. Her videos are fun to watch and I have come to know her a bit more over the months. My favorite thing about her videos is when she goofs around with her boyfriend. ;) Or the time her doges would not get off of her. Just a quick shout out to her! Check out her channel!

What is Madd Style Cosmetics?
It is a vegan, all natural cosmetic line that you can find at Mo is a super cute gal who has a eddy style. Her cosmetics not only look gorgeous, but have the cutest names. For an example, she has a mineral eye shadow named Love and Rockets or one named Glitter and Doom. I think she is so creative. Madd Style is such a great brand.

What is so great about MSC?

  1. Mo looks professional and laid back at the same time.
  2. The eye shadows are very pigmented and so beautiful. I was shocked on how amazing they were when I opened them today.
  3. They are packaged very nicely and clean.
  4. The Awesome Sauce(a eye primer/base) I got is easy to use and you only need a teeny tiny bit, so it will last a very long time.
  5. Your products are shipped decently fast.
  6. The eye shadows are smooth and easy to work with.
  7. It is an affordable brand.
  8. Vegan and natural.
  9. Crazy cute!
  10. Mo is the sweetest and you should add her fan page on facebook. Click here!
Are the products pricey?
No. They are very affordable and the shipping isn't too bad.
I got five piggies in a set and the awesome sauce for only $22 plus tax and shipping. 

Check out MSC here!
I was not sent these for review and I paid for these myself. 

What did I get? 
I got the Shamrock collection and the Awesome Sauce. I am so impressed with this brand. I was very excited to get my package today that I immediately did  a look before work and it turned out great. The eye shadows are so pigmented and work well with awesome sauce. They are so smooth and glide on your eye so 
nicely. Easy to work with! Go Mo!

What I used on my eyes in this picture are Pot O' of Gold and 3rd Wish on my lids. I used Double Rainbow on the crease and outer V. 

The names of all of the piggies I got are Pot o' Gold, 3rd Wish, Double Rainbow, Lucky, and Sham Rocked. They all are great!

Want to know more about what is in her cosmetics and more? Go check out Madd Style at Etsy! 

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review and haul. 


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