I am sitting here on my bed unable to sleep and this topic of "self-image" has been bugging me. What is so important about self-im...

I am sitting here on my bed unable to sleep and this topic of "self-image" has been bugging me. What is so important about self-image?

When I look around me I can see many different kinds of people. Some are quite confident in themselves, taking care of themselves, and have a sense of contentment in their life. Others either have low self esteem, are lost, or hurt. The ones in the middle are trying to find themselves. What can we do to be comfortable with ourselves and live a healthy life? How do we get past things?

I have not gone through any major changes(maybe besides marriage, that's big haha), or hurts in my life. I have not lost anyone or been abused in any way. But I have talked with many types of people. With that being my past, I understand I can have a bit more of a positivity in my life and having a positive journey in my self-image. What do I want others to see me as? A women who wants to do the right thing, have her own style, create happiness in someone's life, and be the best wife and someday mother possible. 
However, being confident in myself has not been an easy one for me. I still struggle with it. You know what, my husband has been the best supporter and encourager I have ever had. My family has been there, however he has connected with me more than any other. I have a real hard time letting people in completely. I just am a real shy person and if I let you in completely, you may either take advantage of me(because I am the type who cares) or you may not like me. I am scared of both those things. It is hard for me to create real close friendships. My fears and insecurities stop me.

How do you see yourself physically? 
I know that many, many girls have a wrong view of themselves physically. We are very insecure, emotional beings. Everyone knows this. It really sucks and for some reason, we are hard on ourselves. Why? Many reasons. Family, media, peers, or relationships. However, we need to realize that we are all different and can never be someone else no matter how hard we try. We cannot look perfect or look like a Victoria's Secret model. We worry that guys will not like us because we have smaller boobs or crazy hair. We need to get over that. All we need to focus on is being healthy and doing what we want to do. 
I have a hard time trying to remember I am just fine without being super toned and perfect hair. I know that if I am happy with myself, people will see that and will be happy that I am happy.
Life is way too short to worry about the small things. Focus on your life, your wants, and your health. (Obviously care about others, but don't let others shape how you look at yourself).

How can you create a better self-image when you are lonely and depressed?
I really, really encourage you to talk to someone who is closest to you. We need someone to talk to. But what if you do not have that person to talk to? There is one person that is always there and has given us people to talk to, God. You may not have that belief, which is completely okay, but if you do or considering it, I encourage you to talk to someone at a church. Sometimes it takes a little to find the right body of people, but having a group of people who will listen to you and care, is comforting. You then find a best friend or even partner! This is the only advise I can give because this has helped me. 

How can we get past the things that hinder us from having a good self-image?
Write down your thoughts and feelings. Do not keep it in. If you do not like something about yourself, change. Work on the things that hinder you from living life to the fullest. Get out of the house and see nature. Pick a hobby.( I picked blogging :) ) Try something new. Tell yourself your beautiful every day. Do not read those magazines that make you feel fat or ugly. You are not! Make life lasting friendships. And remember, love.

Be happy and healthy!


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