Tip of the day: Importance of primers

What the heck is a primer? Well, it is simply a base for your foundation or eyeshadow to cling on. It helps keep your foundation or eyesha...

What the heck is a primer?

Well, it is simply a base for your foundation or eyeshadow to cling on. It helps keep your foundation or eyeshadow to stay on all day. You can get different types of primers that work best for your situation. I will mainly talk about my experience with primers and some suggestions for skin types.

Do you need a primer?

No. But there are many reasons why a primer is useful.

  • If you want your foundation or eyeshadow to stay nice and perfect throughout the day, this will do the trick. If you do not need it on long, you do not need a primer, however it can help with:
    • Certain type of primers for the face can help cover pores or fine lines and can even out the skin before foundation. It basically smooths the surface of your skin to make your foundation look flawless!
  • Some primers can brighten your skin.
  • Eye primers can help brighten the eye area.
  • Anti-aging types.
  • SPF
How do you apply a primer?
I honestly use my fingers for face primers and you do not need a lot. A primer most likely will be either a gel like consistency, creamy, or more like a moisturizer. You can use a sponge and I hear that works well if you do not like using your fingers. For eye primers, you can simply use your fingers or sponge to.

Which Foundation primers should you use?
There are a lot of primers out there. I have used only a couple. 
The very first foundation primer I have used is Benefit That Gal. It is great and easy to use. It has an interesting consistency, but it works well. I love it and highly recommend it! It has a smooth consistency and smells nice. It does keep your foundation looking fresh and good throughout the day. It can be used by any skin type I feel. It is $28 however I got it in a kit that had sample sizes. I am going to get the full size when I can.  Click on the Benefit banner on the side of the blog to check it out!

The second primer that I am currently using is Brite Prep FX Brightening Foundation Primer. It has a oily consistency, which is not really fun, however it dries fast and works really well. It does brighten your skin because of the slight shimmer it has in it. I recommend this product for people who need a little brightening and who has dry skin. I got this on sale for $10 in a smaller size and original price is $45 for the full size, which was a good deal! I am not sure if I want to purchase the full size because of how oily it feels at first, but I may try the matte finish one. If you have oily skin, this may not be for you.
I have tried a sample Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and it is very nice. I cannot say much about it because it was a very small sample. I hear it is very good. It is $38-49 depending on which bottle at any sephora.

One foundation primer I would not recommend, and it is the only drugstore foundation primer I have used(sorry if you're on a budget), and it is the Hardy Candy primer. Even the eye primer is not so good. They both are watery and do blend easily, but it does not feel like it really does anything at all. A 1 star out of 5 for me.

What Eye primer should you use?
I use my Urban Decay Eye shadow potion small version, that you can get for only $10, and I love it! Urban Decay is such a good brand. This primer works real well. It is originally $19 at Sephora. 

Steps in using this primer:
  • Blend well or it will crease
  • You only need a little bit 
  • You can use your finger to blend
  • You can use it under your water line.

mark. Please Hold Me eye primer is really good. The formula is creamy and easy to blend. Creamier formulas help cover up your color on your eye. This is another affordable product because it's only $8, but good quality! Get it here!

I do not have many eye primers so these are ones I can recommend at the moment. Have any you can recommend to me? I would love a great drugstore one.

I hope you liked this post because it was requested. I know if you are a beginner makeup can be overwhelming because you feel there are so many products you have to use in order to achieve a good look that lasts long. It will get easier and remember to find products that last a long time so you do not have to spend so much money.


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  1. I usually use a corrective base that also works as a primer. A lot of Japanese brands are into that for some reason :p I do love the Smashbox primer but it is very expensive!

  2. i love primers! they save my life

  3. I always use UD primer and i love it. nice post
    check out my blog sometimes


  4. I need a better primer, just need the money to invest in one >.<

  5. I love primers, they make such a great difference!!