Kawaii Cosmetics Review!-Body cremes & Scrub

Have you been looking for a body creme/lotion/butter that really helps your skin out? I will tell you that this etsy brand is to die for. No...

Have you been looking for a body creme/lotion/butter that really helps your skin out? I will tell you that this etsy brand is to die for. No, I am not over stating that fact. I am really impressed with Kristen's products.
About two weeks ago, I talked with her about reviewing her products because I love cruelty free and natural products. I care about what I put on my body. With that being said, I will go into the review.

What I got:
  • A full sized body creme scrub in Pineapple Maple Sugar
  • Six bag samples of Whipped Body creme in:
    • Pineapple Maple Sugar
    • Fresh Rose Garden Petals
    • Lemongrass Tart Tropical
    • Lilacs and Lilies Plumeria 
    • Chocolate Buttercream Icing
    • Vanilla Plumeria
I know right?! Some of these sound so yummy! I will assure you that they smell that way too.

My Thoughts: The products themselves
  • Pineapple Maple Sugar Whipped Creme Scrub And Dead Sea Salt Soap Scrub 7.02z-
    • I have been needing a scrub for some time so when she surprised me with this I was so excited! It smells like heaven. It is sweet and feels very nice on the skin. You just need a little to spread it all over your body. It has little beads of some kind so it is great for sensitive skin. It feels smooth and not greasy. After my shower, even before I moisturize my skin, my skin feels so soft and smooth. I was very impressed with how glowy my skin looked(even now). My skin even smelled great all day and my husband complimented me all day too haha. Thanks Kristen!
  • Pineapple Maple Sugar Whipped Body Creme-
    • This smells just like the scrub. It feels great on the skin and does not feel greasy or thick. It leaves my skin so smooth and soft just like the scrub yet it gives my skin a healthy glow! All of the cremes do this.
  • Fresh Rose Garden Petals Whipped Body Creme-
    • It really does smell like rose petals! It has a subtle smell and not over powering. It is a pink color.
  • Lemongrass Tart Tropical Whipped Body Creme-
    • Smells like a Lemon cake! If you really love the smell of Lemon, this is your thing. It does not smell artificial at all. Mmmmm mmmm. Has a slight yellow color.
  • Lilacs and Lilies Plumeria Whipped Body Creme-
    • I am not a huge fan of flower smells unless it's roses, but it has a nice smell. I would not purchase this in full size, just because of not liking to wear flower smells. If you love flowers, this has a great smell and is not too strong.
  • Chocolate Buttercream Icing Whipped Body Creme
    • Uh....the title says it all! It smells so good and yummy! If you are into smelling sweet and just plain delicious, it's just that. :)
  • Vanilla Plumeria Whipped Body Creme-
    • Simple as this, it smells amazing! It does not smell like the cooking vanilla(vanilla extract), however it smells like a subtle smell that is sweet. 

My thoughts: Packaging/Logo(UPDATE)
  • I got samples baggies and she did them very nicely. She did not have a logo and used simple hand written labeling on the bags. HOWEVER, she told me personally that she is working on the labeling as I type. I give her props for that because regardless, her products are very nice.
  • The full sized scrub is in a jar with a white top. No logo and a hand written label, however she told me what was in the product on a note.
  • No business card(hopefully I am not lying because I not remember getting one haha), but I am sure she is working on that to. 
  • Her logo on etsy is super cute. That is the image above that you see. 
  • Update-These are her new labels! See pictures on the above.:)
Overall Impression-
  • Body scrub-
    • I highly recommend it if you are looking for a product that is safe for you and that gives amazing results.
    • It feels smooth and leaves your skin smooth.
    • You smell great all day without it over powering anyone!
  • Body Cremes-
    • Great products! 
    • Give you an amazing healthy glow!
    • Leaves your skin smooth and soft all day.
    • Smell yummy!
    • It does not over power you with fragrance. More like if you got a hug or if someone was very close they would smell you. It wouldn't bug someone sitting next to you.
Would I buy any of these products?
Yes. I would. They body cremes are $7.50 and scrubs depending are less than $10.00!

Where can you get these products?
Kawaii Cosmetics can be found on etsy. 

Last thoughts:
Thank you Kristen for the samples and full sized scrub! Your shop is so great. 

I was sent these to review and said my honest opinion. I had a great experience with these products and did not see anything bad about them. Thanks for reading and check out her shop! Tell her I sent you. :)


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