Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics Review!

Hello lovelies! I am glad to announce another brand that I was able to review for you. This brand caught my eye a while back and I found it ...

Hello lovelies! I am glad to announce another brand that I was able to review for you. This brand caught my eye a while back and I found it again through facebook. The pictures and shop are so beautiful.
About ARC!

I'm a 24 year old nerd who started off in costume design. The costuming led to my introduction to the indie makeup scene. After being disappointed in the quality of some companies and drama involved with others I was left with pigments I couldn't use and a want to do something about it.This is where ARC was born. The idea started in about December of 2010. After two months and hundreds of hours researching I decided to create ARC using my favorite woman in history as our theme.I'm crazy insane about our cleaning/sterilization process and quality control. All of our pigments are mixed by hand in a mortar and pestle and we don't use Lake Dyes unless they already come in our mica supplies. Costuming has sadly taken a back burner but I think when we do photoshoots I'll be able to merge my two loves-ARC
What I got:
This is what they came in. Adorable! Great impression before I even open it up.

She sent a sample bar of soap from s5body. Smells so good!

I got five full sized pigments and one baggie sample

Four of them had this sticker

And one had this sticker which means it's from a collection.

My Experience with the brand:
  • The packaging is very cute and looked very professional and I am big on that! Very impressed. It seems like they really care about their customers. 
  • The pigments themselves are very beautiful however I am not so sure if I am in love with the texture I feel when putting them on. 
    • Cons-
      • They do not seem as smooth as I thought they would be. Example, von Fersen was a bit hard to blend and can easily look muddy. I tried a few times just in case I was wrong the first time, but they do not go on as smooth as other brands.
      •  Another thing I felt was that they were not as pigmented once you tried blending them. They seem very pigmented on your finger or when you first apply it on your lid. 
      • I am just picky with pigments and I like ones that are easy to use.
      • I will work with them some more and may do an updated review on the pigments, but that is what I got out of them as of now. I will be using these often though. 
      • I also seem to have to use a lot of product to get the pigmentation that I want, which I did not like. 
      • I am sad to have so many negatives. :( 
    • Pros-
      • The pigments did stay on for awhile, with eye primer, without fading which is a plus
      • They are very pretty colors and the glitter is nice.
      • You get a lot of product in the jars.
      • Colors are buildable which can be a good thing for some. 
  • The artfire shop is easy to navigate and her photos are really pretty! 
    • There are a lot to choose from on the site.
  • The customer service is great.

See the pigments look nice on the lid, however whenever I tried blending in the crease or on the v, it gets a little messy. I am using Nymphe and Bordeaux.

Where can you get these?
Click here to go to their artfire shop!

Last Thoughts:
Would I buy from them? Yes, I would want to try out a few more shadows to see if I have the same issues. Plus, there are some really pretty ones on the site.

Thank you Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics for sending me your products. I was not paid to say this and this was my honest opinions. Thanks for reading. Do you own anything from them? I would love to hear from you. :)

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  1. they are very affordable...i like the pigmentation on your swatch...but i often use a coloured pigmentation shouldn't bother me too much...i think~~~thx for the review~~~i luv the swatch


  2. Is Guillotine an eyeshadow?? If so, DAMN that's a true red. Incredible.

    I love the names of this line and their products, so witty and clever. Thanks for continuing to introduce me to all these cool independent suppliers.

  3. I do not use a color base that often. I use Too Faced shadow insurance and that is usually good.
    Guillotine is a shadow! It is very true to "red"! I do like it.
    Meredith, you are welcome. I love reviewing for you gals!

  4. Liaisons is a beautiful color!!!

  5. Lovely stuffs and the eyeshadows are so amazingly pigmented!! :)

    Thanks for the swatches!! :) :)