Killa Monroe Cosmetics The Vampire Collection Review/swatches

What if you were to get a pigment collection based on your favorite tv show?! Well, Killa Monroe sure did it for me! A few days ago, the...

What if you were to get a pigment collection based on your favorite tv show?! Well, Killa Monroe sure did it for me!

A few days ago, they had a contest on their facebook revealing their new collection in a fun way. I won the second part, which was a question asking what you think the collection, after finding out it is inspired by The Vampire Diaries, is called. I said Mystic Falls, and I WON!

What did I win?

Swatches and two looks using this collection
In this look I used Compelled all the lid, Wicked and Desired on the crease, Immoral Sorrow on the V and blended out, and Envious on the lower lash line. :)


This look I used Compelled on the lid, Brother's Keeper on the crease and then on the inside of the crease I blended 

  • Customer Service: Lynette is super nice and was very quick at getting my prize to me. :)
  • The Packaging: I did not get any full size pigments so I can't say how they are, but the clamshells she uses are ver sturdy and I have not spilled so far. Also she has the name and ingredients on the back on each one.
  • The Pigments: They are gorgeous! There are two glitters which are Howling and Guardian and they are nice and easy to use. The rest are silky and smooth. The pigmentation is GREAT! She was so generous on how much she put in my clamshells! I love how glittery this collection is! 
  • The collection color choice: I feel these colors are perfect for the inspiration behind it. They are so mystical and sexy just like The Vampire Diaries! Great job Lynette! My FAVORITE color from the collection is Compelled because it is such a nice soft neutral color that reminds me of some vintage wedding dress. 
  • Any cons?: Nothing from what I could tell. Not perfect pigments but nothing that made me not satisfied. I did not experience any muddiness from the pigments when blending like I have on some other brands I have tried. Okay the ONLY thing about this collection that I would have liked, was having ONE matte color. I love a variety, but it's still a great collection!
  • Over all thought of the brand: I highly suggest you try Killa Monroe out! Check out their facebook and let them know I sent you. :) I love all the colors and the way they easily applied to my eyes.

Where to buy this?
Go to their facebook page for swatches and contests!

Thanks Killa Monroe for sending me this awesome collection! I am happy I participated in the contest. :)
I was not paid to write this, I was sent these because I won a contest. This was my honest opinions. 

Thanks for reading and let me know if you own anything from them. 

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