My Thoughts on Geogirl Cosmetics and Haul

I recently went to Walmart, a Walmart not in my town, but in a bigger city. I was looking for my shade in Hard Candy's foundation in Fai...

I recently went to Walmart, a Walmart not in my town, but in a bigger city. I was looking for my shade in Hard Candy's foundation in Fair and I stumbled upon a very cute brand that I never seen before.
It's called Geogirl.

Here is what I grabbed:

A mascara, lip tint, and blush.

I am curious if you ever seen this brand before. I cannot find a website for them and not much info. I did stumble on a news site that talks about this brand. They say this brand is geared towards girls at ages 8-12. I was a bit shocked because I did not start to wear actual makeup besides gloss and glitter until I was at least 14. 

However, I do not think this brand it evil or we should all go tell Walmart to band it. I think that the issues we face with young girls and material worth or young girls and self image is forced quite a bit in the media today. If this brand was geared towards teens, then I think this brand would have a better reputation with parents are adults. No, I do not think teens should think makeup is what makes you beautiful, but it is something many of us enjoy playing with.

I have not seen advertisements for this brand yet so it is not forcing little kids to want to buy it. I think 8-12 year olds wearing actual makeup like mascara, blush, foundation, etc is a bit much.
The problem is not the brand. A eight year old cannot go up and just buy these products. That is why I think they should have geared this brand towards teenagers because they can actually have money to buy makeup. Their products seem nice and the cardboard packaging is super cute and eco friendly. That is what I liked about it when I first saw them. Most little girls want barbies, princesses, and cute animals. I do not see any 8 year old wondering around the cosmetics isle. 

I knew it was suppose to be for younger people, but personally I did not think it was for 8-12 year olds. Yes, the wording they use in their packing is a bit kid-ish, example: "Natural ingredients put the Up in Makeup. Good 4 skin. Good 4 the planet."

It also gives TGAL(Think Globally, Act Locally) tips from girls around the US in ages 8-13 from what it says on the products I bought.
I assumed that they wanted it to bring in young girls, but my first thought was not "oh my god they are trying to brain wash kids that they need makeup".
No, kids should not need makeup or feel they need it to be pretty. I remember as a kid liking gloss and glitter and it made me feel special, but without it, I did not feel ugly.

The main issue is not makeup. It is the way you show your kids the world. Are you going to let them get sucked into the material world? Or are you going to teach them about character and inner beauty? I know the media and advertisements are pressuring. Believe me, I was taught that makeup is not what makes you beautiful and that without it you are not ugly, ect. But I do struggle with self image because we all do. Just teach your kids about hygiene. Makeup is just fun. Just don't expose your children to things that are teaching them that makeup is the way to be beautiful.

This brand is not going to change anything. Just don't buy your kid makeup if it makes you upset. I just think people get overly upset about things and take it too far. There are plenty of brands that advertise towards kids. It's cheap, and cute.

I think this brand can be for anyone, not just for kids.

I tried organizing my thoughts, so I hope nothing is confusing or contradicts itself. 
Thanks for reading!


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  1. Never heard about this brand but the cardboard packaging is super pretty!

  2. What did you think of the actual product? Did you like it?

  3. I will be doing a review soon as I have only tried them a few times in the past week.