Glittersniffer Cosmetics Review

Alright lovelies. I had a really hard time reviewing this brand. I have been contemplating how I would write it all and how to give a good...

Alright lovelies.

I had a really hard time reviewing this brand. I have been contemplating how I would write it all and how to give a good review without it going the wrong way.

Why is this hard to write?
After playing with the things I got from her, I saw on facebook a fan page that had concerns and complaints on this brand. I was curious because I want to be sure I can one, trust the company, two see what was wrong. I am not going to link the facebook fan page because I am not here to bring a lot of drama, but if you want to research yourself, you will find it.

These things are a sore subject for many because the brands will have many fans that will back them up and get upset if someone doesn't agree or just wants some clarity of a problem. And if that problem is not taken care of, people will talk about it. Sometimes things can get out of hand.
I know there was a similar situation on the youtube guru Kandee Johnson. So, because of what I have read about this brand, I was very concerned. I have not experienced anything with the brand like others have, but it still makes me hesitant to be a customer. However, I was sent products to review so I have a review. The information I read about this brand did not effect this review.

Glittersniffer Cosmetics and my experience:
I was sent a little package from the owner of GS.
What did I get?

I got small samples of pigments that were not named, Lotion bars that were not named and melted, perfume that were melted and all smell the same, and mineral foundation and bronzer.

Left bronzer and right foundation
I am not a big fan of powder foundation and this one was powdery, as in you can see the powder on your face. I couldn't blend it very well. But the bronzer was nice and gave a great glow.

As you can see, the lotion bar is melted. I will be honest and say that I could not tell the difference between the lotion bar and the perfumes. They all smelled the same and I can not put a finger on what they smell like. Like I said, there was no name labels.
I got a few sample baggies of unknown color names but they are very bright when you put on a NYX base, but only if you pack it on quite a bit.

This was just with Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Not a lot of color payoff by itself, but the colors are very pretty.

Cute packaging!

This is Mediterranean Whisper

I used NYX jumbo pencil in Cottage Cheese and Mediterranean Whisper on the lid and a few other colors from GS.

This is what the Lotion bar looks like when you put it on, and it feels way too oily for my taste. It does dry nicely and the smell stays on your skin for a while. It also has glitter.

After it dries.

Overall thought:
  • I thought the customer service was nice and she shipped quickly. 
  • The pigments were about 4/5 stars because you do have to pack a lot to get the color payoff and they do stay on for a while though.
  • The foundation is a 3/5 because of how powdery it is.
  • The bronzer is a 4/5 because I feel it's a decent bronzer.
  • The lotion and perfume were a 2/5 stars because they all smelled the same and I could not tell what the smell was. She didn't leave a note saying what they are.
  • I feel like if something will melt, it probably should be packaged differently or not sell it at that time?
  • The website honestly is a bit confusing because I can only see pigments as an option but I know she has lotions and other things?
  • The full size pigment packaging is super cute and easy to open. It tells you the name and tells you it's vegan. 5/5 on packaging
  • Brand appearance as a whole? 3/5 Although the pigment packaging was cute and the logo is creative, I was not impressed with the fact that I did not see any labels on the baggies besides the words: pigments or bronzer...ect. I would have liked to know what colors I got in the pigments samples. The pigments were good, however I would have wanted a bit more color payoff when first applying. That is just my personal preference. 

The question is...would I recommend this brand to my readers, to my friends and family?
I honestly cannot say because of the fact that I am too hesitant to buy from GS because of the reviews I have read, regardless of the fact I am going by their word.

If you want to try this brand out you can find it here.
If you want to know experiences with this brand that made me nervous click here for a blog link(I decided to add this in after all).

Thanks for reading and this is my honest review of the brand.
What is your experience with the brand?


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  1. I can honestly say that my whole experience with this company (that is the product and the owner herself) was heartbreaking, overly dramatic and dangerous. Her pigments are packaged in unsanitary conditions and she is driven only by her need to steal money and not deliver the quality products she sells herself on. Furthermore, she is a dangerous individual who will do anything, including steal, threaten, and verbally abuse her clients and employees to get what she wants. Please do NOT put these products on your eyes.

  2. My entire experience was a very difficult one.

    I placed my trust in GSC and got nothing but grief for it. 500 dollars of my hard earned money went down the drain and the package got 'lost', and not only that but when I asked her about it, she had closed up shop and remained unreachable. I don't think she ever shipped it, as when I confronted her about it the first time, she didn't even remember where I lived. (She insisted I lived in the U.S., I infact live in Sweden)

    I can't say I'm angry as I'm one of the lucky people who did get a refund through my bank, but my feelings were hurt. I don't like living in a world where I cannot trust people. I was fearful to buy indie for a very long time, and I had a difficult time overcoming that fear. I eventually did but my experience was horrific to say the least. Sure, being scammed (I felt I was scammed) out of money is crappy but it was more than that. A lot of complex feelings come with being duped, it turns out, and none of them are good.

    I appreciate your honest review despite what was said, and respect your opinion. Unlike most people, I hope that someday GSC will be on the up and up, if not for the owner's sake, then her clients that trust her despite all the contrary information, and the people who are still owed refunds but haven't recieved them.

  3. Incidentally, I wouldn't trust that "Vegan" labeling. She was known to lie about her products being vegan in the past.
    Otherwise, I really think you did a great job reviewing a controversial company's products.