Setting/Mattifying Powder Showdown!

In this showdown we have four fighters: ONE:  Makeup Forever HD Powder! TWO:  Sweet Treat Cosmetics Confectionary Powder THREE...

In this showdown we have four fighters:

ONE:  Makeup Forever HD Powder!

TWO: Sweet Treat Cosmetics Confectionary Powder

THREE: Madd Style Cosmetics Effin Perfecktion Powder

FOUR: Mattify! Sensitive Powder

The question is, what do each of these have to offer and what is different about them?!
This is a photo of all three of them.

Makeup Forever HD Powder:
This powder is $30 on Sephora for 0.35 oz.
It says: A universal translucent finishing powder to be applied over foundation or worn alone.
I completely agree with the description because it does just that!
Special things about this powder:
  • It makes your skin SUPER soft to the touch after you apply it all over your face.
  • It feels silky smooth when applying.
  • It stays on for a long time.
  • It mattifies oily skin!
  • It is translucent so it will work for everyone!
  • It does not look powdery and blends into your skin perfectly.
  • It does make your bare skin look better even without foundation because it fills in those fine lines and gives you a very nice natural glow.
  • The product lasts forever because of how much is in it and how little you need to use!
Any cons?
The price and that it is not vegan! $30 for 0.35 oz

This powder is described as a light weight finishing powder. I think this powder is very nice and is great for mattifying. 
Special things about this powder:
  • It goes on very nicely 
  • Creates a nice glow to the face
  • It does mattify for a while.
  • Does not look powdery on the skin!
  • Stay on for a decent amount of time
  • The price is amazing! $5.00 for 10 grams
  • It is VEGAN!
It is not as soft as I would like when you touch your face after applying, but it is smooth.
It is really small, and I would like to have more size options(I hear she is creating a new formula soon). 
I am not a huge fan of the shimmer, although it is not too noticeable when it's on your face. I like matte powders.

This powder is described as a perfecting powder. I think it does a good job.
Special things about this powder:
  • It does not look powdery on the face after applying
  • It has a very yummy smell, as though it was pixie sticks!
  • It helps mattify the skin
  • It lasts decently on the face
  • Price is reasonable (not sure of the price because it is not in stock right now) less than $10
  • It is VEGAN!

When I rub it between my fingers it is a bit chunky as in I can feel the minerals. It is not as soft as the ones above.

Description: Those with sensitive oily skin or food allergies will love this powder! Free of corn starch, rice powder, mica, and bismuth ~ this product pampers even the most sensitive skin types.
I think this powder does a great job. It is nice to know it is great for your skin and sensitive skin!
Special things about this powder:
  • It truly does mattify your oily skin very very well!
  • It holds up very well
  • It does not have glitter or shine
  • Fills in fine lines
  • It is VEGAN!
  • Price is reasonable $10.99 for 30 grams
It is a bit powdery looking on the skin probably because it really wants to mattify
It feels grainy and not very soft after you apply it

Overall thoughts and winner of the showdown!
This is a really tuff fight. All of them give great performance in their own ways. It is hard to get that perfect product.
I decided to take Makeup Forever's powder out of the fight, for now because I wanted to compare it to the less expensive, indie brands.

So, the winner of the indie brand setting powder goes to.....
Madd Style Cosmetics Effin' Perfektion Powder!

This powder does not have glitter in it that will give much shine, it mattifys well, stays on decently, and smells amazing! This is just a great in-between from the two above and thus wins. However, I must wait for Mo to stock up again to get a full size. 

Why did the others lose?
Sweet Treat is nice, but does not last as long as I would like. It seems to go away after a couple of hrs.
Mattify! may mattify, but it still looks too powdery for my taste. It does last a while, but I would rather not look cakey. It isn't an everyday powder for me. 

The true winner:
I have to honestly say that I love my Makeup Forever's powder because of how soft it makes me look and how great it is! The price is not fun and the fact that it is not Vegan/cruelty free bums me out. I still have a lot of product left to use up, but until then I will still have fun with all of my powders.

Last Thoughts:
I would recommend all the above mentioned. I wanted to compare all of them and may do something like this again with other types of makeup. :) By the way, I use all of these still. Just because one won over the other does not mean I do not use the others. I just stated what I thought would be better in my taste than another. 
Also, I was sent to review Mattify!'s and Mo sent me Effin' Perfektion to try out in one of my orders. Besides those, I bought the other two.
This was my honest thoughts and thanks for reading!

What is your favorite setting powder?

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