Stop Yourself from Wasting Money on Makeup You'll Hate

The problem I am having lately is buying makeup that is cheaper and hoping I will like it, and getting disappointed. Then having to wonder i...

The problem I am having lately is buying makeup that is cheaper and hoping I will like it, and getting disappointed. Then having to wonder if I should just use it up or buy something else I may like.

Do not get me wrong, there are plenty of cheap drugstore makeup that works great! However, I have a problem with a few types of makeup I feel you can get a hit or miss on and you might as well buy a better quality, high end version to save you 10 trips to Walmart after you hate a product.

What I am learning is that you must decide which type of makeup you want to spend more on than others. Example, buy a better foundation and buy cheap lipgloss.

I have had bad experiences so far with foundation lately. I have bought three foundations at walmart for the past two months or so that just do not cut it for me. Why? I blame MAC and Makeup Forever. Those foundations delivered SO WELL! So now when I go to walmart to save money and buy a cheaper foundation, I get disappointed. I am so picky now! But I have reasons!

So, I think I want to spend more money on the following things rather than others:

1. Foundation- I will buy a nice foundation from either Nars or Makeup Forever(no MAC because it broke me out:( ) because I had great experiences(you can let me know what your favorite high end foundation is and why).

2. Makeup brushes- I agree with many that no matter how great your makeup is, with bad quality brushes, it will not look great or it will be hard to get a great look. I have a couple of decent brushes but I would rather get a nice set.

3. Eye Primer- I will spend $20 on a eye primer and my fav is Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I have yet to find a drugstore one that is worth buying.

There. Those are the three I would spend more money on than any other makeup.

Adding those together would be about $100. However, brushes last a long time, eye primer will last months, and foundation will last awhile to.

These I do not mind buying for less most of the time:

Blush is not a necessity to me so I am not worried about that.

Bronzer is easy to find cheap that works great.

I love eye shadow but I buy from my fav Indie brands that are great prices, not to mention that walmart has great choices. I may splurge from time to time on a eye shadow palette.

Face primer is not always a concern for me when I get a great foundation however, I found a decent drugstore base from Loreal that I like so I do not need to spend $20 or more on one.

Mascara is a must, but you can find great ones at walmart or a drugstore.

Eye liner is the same for me. There are some that will perform nicely at a drugstore.

Lipstick is not a necessity and I can deal with a small amount of choices at drugstores.

Lipgloss is a joke, almost. I think it is crazy to spend $20 on a lipgloss when there are plenty that are just as great for less. I understand color choices, however I do not care too much for gloss unless it is from a few indie brands I like and they are FIVE dollars.

I think that is the basics.

When it comes down to it, I want the basic makeup to work great and not make me mad. Foundation, eye primer, and makeup brushes are what gives you a great look and without finding a good product, your look will never hold up, high end or not.

My advice is to find three important things you love and spend the extra for them and then just go for cheaper alternatives for the rest. Because if you are picky with lipgloss but you spend $ on makeup you will not like, then I think you will spend more on things you hate than just buying the pricier versions one time.

A SIDE NOTE: I understand not all high end makeup will always be AMAZING, but for the most part, they will deliver better. That is why you must ask for a sample at Sephora or counter to try out so you will know if you will like it. At the drugstore you cannot do that and it is annoying.

That is my thoughts and thanks for reading!

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  1. Great post. My general rule is the earlier it's used in your makeup routine, the more you should splurge on it rather than skim. So all your bases and primers and brushes are where you should be putting your money - agreed!

  2. i agree with you but sometimes you just can't control yourself and you end up getting some cheap products hoping that they will work right. i'm pretty cool with most of the cheap products i got considering that i don't have great expectations from them as i have from big names on make up...