Photoshop is the New Diet

This topic is truly hard to write about without getting completely upset and closing the computer. What makes someone beautiful? Is their s...

This topic is truly hard to write about without getting completely upset and closing the computer.
What makes someone beautiful? Is their shade of eye makeup or the clothes they wear? Is the perfect hair or the skinny butt they have? Is it the perfect skin that never wrinkles or fade?
Of course this is always possible because celebrities supposedly can afford a magic potion that gives them youth and perfect skin/makeup/body.

Actually, they just snap a picture and voila, a computer can fix every natural human thing about them and make them look like barbies.
I mean, even a camera can fix some imperfections on a body. But photoshop is what creates the unnatural perfection.

Perfect solution right? Who needs to look human when you can have a unnatural, unrealistic body so everyone can be jealous and think that is the way they need to look to be beautiful or attractive? That is the way you can get attention from males. That is the way you can actually look like a women.

What the hell is wrong with this world?

Who told someone to give a message out to women(and men) that looking perfect and smooth is the only way to be attractive?

Even those who "appear" natural on television have a bunch of makeup on to hide those human features we all have. But to a teenager reading a magazine, she thinks she should look that way and buys the expensive creams and doesn't eat for weeks to find that she still doesn't look perfect.

The reality is, no one has that "perfect" body! No one!

Photoshop is their diet! Sure Victoria Secret models(or any model) have "great" bodies because they work out non-stop and eat way less then they should(granted they eat a lot of great things). Their pictures are photoshopped and they have a ton of makeup on during interviews and runways. Their toned bodies still need to be photoshopped to look perfect!

Remember, you are not fat, ugly, or too old just because you can't have that unrealistic body or face like someone in a magazine. It's all fake! No one looks that perfect. Movies deceive you!

I am so sicken by the message the world gives to women/teenagers/girls. Sure you don't actually read it in a magazine that you MUST look this way to beautiful, but read between the lines. Non of those models in those magazines have wrinkles, bags, or puffiness. Why? Because, didn't you know, being human is no longer hot?

Being skinny to the bones is hot. Having the perfect boobs is hot. Having the perfect glowy skin is hot. Having the perfect silky hair is hot. Having the perfect fit body is hot.

Being the exact same, is hot.

No one has room to be different or you will be looked at funny. Look at Lady Gaga. Sure she has very unique tastes, but she decided to prove to the world that she isn't going to be the same barbie. Sure her photos are as well photoshopped.

My point in this whole thing is that I am done with looking about myself and comparing my image to a magazine Barbie.

I use to think people really looked like that. I use to think that man, she looks great at the age. But over the years I realize that plastic surgery and photoshop is the new diet and having that message drilled into girls heads(boys to), is why we have so many eating disorders, mental issues, and bullying. Even suicide! Why live if someone is constantly telling me I am ugly, fat, or weird? Kids are thinking this daily!

The world needs to change.

I am just sad that I can't feel truly beautiful unless my face is acne free and I have great makeup on. I am confessing to that. Many will not and many do say that is why they wear makeup.

I wanted to get into being a makeup artist because I wanted to make women feel beautiful. The truth is, I wish I could do something different to make them feel beautiful.

It really sucks that I have to rely on makeup to make me "feel" beautiful. I know what I really look like. I know I am walking around knowing I am wearing a mask. Don't get me wrong, I love makeup and it is really fun to wear. I am just sad it is the only thing that makes me feel pretty.

I know I am beautiful without makeup. I get told this by my husband and others.

But you know deep down that people think you look better with makeup. I mean, my husband will say I looked great today(the day I wore makeup). I know he thinks I beautiful no matter what, but our society has drilled it in our heads that skin that appears perfect, is more attractive.

It is sad.

Perhaps one day we will all get over being Barbies and truly accept being human.

*Disclaimer- I found these images online.

-Kristina S.

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  1. I love this post,
    I totaaly agree with you,
    I hate seeing all these photoshopped images of celebs, I used to think it was real aswell until i saw what they do.
    Good job my fiance knows that most celebes out there don't look like that in real life, its hard having to compete.

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