Pumpkin & Poppy Cosmetics Review

A little while ago I purchased the review package from Pumpkin and Poppy and I was glad I did. Her products are great and affordable! I may ...

A little while ago I purchased the review package from Pumpkin and Poppy and I was glad I did. Her products are great and affordable! I may have found my fav face brand. ;)

A little about P&P
My name is Kristy Cutsforth and I started Veggie Beauty in June of 2010. I started out making youtube videos, trying to educate others about using cruelty-free, and vegan makeup while teaching myself in the process. I decided that the only way to be sure of what goes into the makeup I'm using is to create it myself.

I started planning Pumpkin and Poppy Cosmetics in December of 2010. I take my integrity as an artist and a business woman seriously, so I've taken my time and worked on honing my craft as a cosmetic formulator. All of the ingredients I use are free from animal byproducts and of course are never tested on animals, only myself and my close friends. I am proud to launch my shop in August of 2011.

What I got 

This is a perfect contouring color! For me at least because I have light skin and I also hate the contouring that are too orangey. This is soft and also is really easy to blend. I hate when product gets stuck on one spot and this does not! I love it! :) Be careful how much you use because it has great pigmentation. 5 star. $8.50 for full size.

I am not much of a powder foundation kind of gal, however I really enjoy this powder! It is not chalky or powdery on the face. It does cover more than I thought and I think this will be a great product once my acne clears up! I feel this was a great match for my skin, but want to try Seashell as well. It also feels so silky on the skin, which is reminds me of my Makeup Forever HD Powder which is over $40 and not vegan! 5 star! $11.25 for full size.

Oil Absorbing Mineral Veil
This is a great Mineral Veil and is great for oily skin. Also great with keeping your skin looking soft and smooth. :) 5 star! I am so excited about these products. I am not sure of the price because it is not listed on the site at this time. :)

This is such a cute and pretty color! I highly recommend it! Not over the top and is super smooth. 5 star for sure! $8.50 for full size.

It is a great stand alone color. I just swept it over my eye lids for a quick look and it is a great color for that. It is simple, yet full of surprises! It is now one of my go to colors! :) 5 star! $4.75 for full size.

Cherry Wood swatch on my arm.

Where can you get these products?

Packaging: It was all in a bag and I thought she did a good job putting the sample pack together.
Customer Service: Great!
Overall: I highly recommend you try her out, and if you have a blog get her blog sample pack. :)
I am going to purchase soon!

I plan I doing a look using all of these products in the near future, so look out for that. Like I mentioned in another post, I do not have a camera at the moment(insert sad face), so I use my husband phone for now. It is hard to snap pics of my looks lately. But I will show how awesome these products are soon! :)

Thanks for reading! I also thank P&P for great quality products.

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  1. You always find the most amazing companies to review. Thanks for being such a fantastic spokesperson for indie companies!