Makeup with Glasses: Tips

Today I had an eye exam and I finally got contacts! I had them a little over a year ago before I got married, but I ran out and had to use...

Today I had an eye exam and I finally got contacts! I had them a little over a year ago before I got married, but I ran out and had to use my glasses again. I was so bummed because I think I look better without my glasses and I like to see my eye makeup more. I did like my glasses though.

Finally I will not be blind when taking a shower or doing my makeup. I can see so much better with contacts in when doing my makeup. My sight is not the greatest.

So, what if you are stuck with glasses right now? What are good tips for making your makeup look good under lenses?

  • I like to make sure I have a nice deep neutral crease color so my crease is not invisible under my glasses when I want to look natural. Find a shade a few shades darker than your skin tone. You want to add some depth to your eyes.
  • I have found that bright colors on the lower lash line is a great way to get your eyes some attention under your lenses. It also helps gives your look some spunk!
  • I am sure that eye shapes give different effects so keep that in mind. If you have to create a crease, do not use a too dark of a color because glasses really point out the deepness of your eyes so be careful. You could create sunken in eyes or look like you have black eyes.
  • I would use colors that are neutral and earthy. I personally would use all types of colors, but if you want to give the best look or not over do it, you should stick with neutrals because you can never go wrong with neutrals(browns, whites, blacks, greens, grey etc).
  • Liner is a great way to give a shape to your eyes when wearing glasses. The one thing about glasses is that it does hide some intensity to your look like I have mentioned, so you do not have to worry too much if your liner is perfect. 
  • Lastly, sometimes you need to use a little extra shadow on your eyes because I find that your glasses hide some of the boldness you may have. Don't cake it on, but you have to add a bit more than just your naked eyes.
I think I have covered the basics. It really is so much different when you have glasses compared to not having them.  Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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  1. Great tips! For taking pictures, using a camera with an O-flash greatly reduces shadows created by glasses as well so you can see the makeup! :)

  2. Cool blog.I was looking for this type of blogs. Thanks for sharing lovely tips. :)) share more i m waiting.

  3. I think anyone can look good with glasses as long as the right makeup is put on.

    Your blog is beautiful! I'm a new follower :)

  4. True, I wear whatever. :) I know that sometimes there are techniques to things so I had some ideas.

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