My Opinions about MyGlam

Alright, there has been some issues lately on the MyGlam facebook . Many people are complaining or giving feedback in some okay ways, and ...

Alright, there has been some issues lately on the MyGlam facebook. Many people are complaining or giving feedback in some okay ways, and some rude ways.

Let me just say I understand that everyone has their own opinions and concerns, however there is a fine line between complaining and giving feedback.

Feedback is being nice about the situation whether you have a good experience or a bad one. Being helpful with your information, not demanding or .

Complaining is not having patience with the situation, may demand things or sometimes just say plain rude. Yes, you voice your concerns, but ......I don't know just be nice?

I have seen both on their facebook page, but mostly a lot of inpatient people.

Lets clear some things up:

  1. MyGlam STARTED in December 2011! That means this is the SECOND month they have sent out bags. That also means they are new to this and problems or miss ups with happen.
  2. They have emailed everyone the situation about the shipping and still people are complaining which I honestly think is so rude. People will demand good customer service but why can't they be patient nice customers? I just think it was nice they emailed us. 
    1. Apparently something was up with their printing company. 
  3. Don't get me wrong, I am a little bummed I have not gotten my Jan. bag yet, but I can cut them some slack. If these kinds of situations continue throughout the year then I would be concerned, but this is their second month for goodness sakes!
  4. Lastly, they are learning from their mistakes and I am sure it will be a smoother ride. Have some patience.
You may ask why am I defending them? Honestly because it really bugs me that this new company is getting so much trouble when they are truly trying. Like I said, if things continue to get bad, or frustrating, then I would be concerned.

That's it.

What do you feel about MyGlam if you are subbed?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I really want to try try MyGlam bag of all the monthly beauty subscription services, this one seems like it is the most "me" of them all. Mistakes happen, at least they are having good customer service!

  2. Exactly. So far I really like the company.

  3. I agree they are new company and people need to calm down and be patient. This is my first month with them and I did receive my bag. I do like what I got and will continue with them. I saw all the post and i knew all hell would break loose. I hope you get your bag =)

  4. People dun have a time to wait :).They should be calm and patient and wait for the best.Well nice blog thanks for sharing :)