Crushed Botanicals Skincare Review + Foundation

A month ago or so I ordered from Crushed Botanicals because they were having an awesome sale! I am always interested in independent brands....

A month ago or so I ordered from Crushed Botanicals because they were having an awesome sale! I am always interested in independent brands. I got a few things that I wanted to share with you.


Crushed Botanicals Detox Cleanser:
 This cleanser is great in many ways:

  • It smells nice; a clean smell. 
  • It feels soft and smooth when applying it on your face.
  • It makes your skin very soft and clean afterwards. I use it to take off makeup.
  • It has many great things in it that helps improve your skin!
  • It has cleared up my acne quite a bit and I have a hard time finding good products for my oily acne prone skin!
    • I am going to either buy this particular product again, or something similar because I really feel that what is in this really cleared my skin!
  • It has lasted a long while so far and it doesn't even look luke I used much.(I have had this for over a month!)
  • It is in a sturdy plastic bottle with a click top which is easy to use and not waste product.
  • Has the ingredients on the back so you can know what is in it.
One con:
  • A little pricy being $20 for 4 oz. But that is the price you pay for natural, non toxic products. :)

 Crushed Botanicals Aromatherapy Jojoba Moisturizer "Fresh Start":

This moisturizer is great in many ways:
  • It feels silky on the skin.
  • You only need a little to go a long way so it lasts a long time!
  • It smells like lemon and sweet at the same time. 
  • The pump is great so you do not over use.
  • It is in a glass bottle which is great to keep out toxins!
  • It lasts a while!
One Con:
  • It feels a little oily at first, but soaks into the skin quite nicely and does not feel oily after.
  • Like I mentioned, it is in a glass bottle which is great!
  • It has a easy to use pump that does not give you too much product.
  • The information in the front is easy to read and very cute design.
  • The information on the back tells you what is in it, which is very helpful.
  • I honestly do not know because I cannot find it on the site. I paid about half on a sale, and I do not remember what I paid. I know it is pricier. 

Liquid Foundation

This foundation is great in many ways:
  • It is natural and has many great ingredients that benefit your skin!
  • It even up my skin tone, covering some redness!
  • I have not broke out with this foundation. I have acne prone skin.
  • This particular one has a pump, which I like, but is not glass like the website. 
    • She informed me she was ordering more glass bottles with the screw top. I honestly wish it was glass with a pump. :)
  • It feels silky on the skin.
  • It gives you a very nice natural glow! Not too noticeable, but just enough.
  • It is easy to blend and soaks into the skin nicely.
  • It is quite watery, so sometimes when I use it, I splash it on my jeans(I sit at a desk when doing my makeup, pumping it on the back of my hand). I can prevent it sometimes, but when in a hurry I forget! 
    • But it does not stain.
  • Because it is watery, it is messy. As you see above, the cap is all messy. I could clean I suppose!
  • It is a bit sheer for my taste, because I want to cover up acne scarring. 
  • Lastly, it does not last that long. I am a little more than half done and I've had it for almost two months.
  • This particular batch is in a plastic bottle like I mentioned, and it does not have a logo or ingredients on the back, which bummed me out.
  • I cannot really review the packaging because it isn't the original packaging. 
  • $15
    • It think this is a decent price, but with how long it lasts, I am not too sure if I will repurchase. I want to try other brands to so it depends. :)

Overall thought:
  • Would I repurchase the skincare? YES!
  • Would I repurchase the foundation? Probably not, just because I need a better coverage foundation and lasts a bit longer.
Thanks for reading and share your thoughts about the brand!

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