Goodbye MyGlam, Hello Birchbox: April 2012 Birchbox

Hey lovelies! I have for you a Birchbox post! It has been a long time since I have done one because in Novemeber of 2011, I cancelled my...

Hey lovelies!

I have for you a Birchbox post! It has been a long time since I have done one because in Novemeber of 2011, I cancelled my subscription and subscribed to MyGlam. After three months of MyGlam, I decided it was not for me and went back to Birchbox!

Why did I go back to Birchbox? They are more reliable, have many things to offer, and simple. Plus, I was done with the over hyped MyGlam issues. MyGlam had too many problems that I was very concerned about and did not want to wait around to see if it improved. Even now they are having some issues. Perhaps someday I may try again, and also I am not trying to bash them. Lastly, I came into MyGlam too fast by giving into the hype and in the end was not pleased.

By the way, I got a March Birchbox, but never posted, sorry about that! It was a nice box. I can't find all of the products at the moment and also used some.



J.R. Watkins Hand and Cuticle Salve(Full Price $7.99)
This product seems to be great. I tried it on last night and before I did my nails today. It feels smooth and silky on the nails and hands. It seems like Lavender and a little menthol-y. This is only 7g but the full size is much larger.
I seen this brand around before and always wanted to try it. I was excited to see this in the box. :)
Would I recommend this? YES!
Would I purchase a full size? YES!
Best thing about it? It feels great on my nails and gives them a natural shine!

willa Gentle Cleansing Lavender Facial Towelettes(Full Size 30 for $7):
This product is nice. I am not sure if I love it more than my favorite towelettes, Yes to Blueberries, but it is a good product. 
Negative? It makes me face sting a little at first.
Favorite thing about it? It makes me skin soft afterwards.
Would I recommend it? Not sure. I think I would recommend Yes to Blueberries over it.
Would I purchased the full size? Most likely not.

Wonderstruck Taylor Swift Fragrance(Full Size $50):
This product smells good. I like how it is girly, yet not too strong. 
Would I purchase the full size? No
Would I recommend it? Sure.

Zoya True Spring Collection Nail Color in Bevin(ONE Full Size $8):

This product is my favorite in the box this month! I love Zoya, although I have had chipping issues, but I just purchased a new top coat which helps a lot. I love this color and the other colors of the collection are pretty. :)
Would I purchase the full size or more colors? Heck YES!
Would I recommend this one? YES

dropps Laundry Detergent(Pack of 20 $6):
I have not tried this yet, but it was a nice surprise in the box personally.  I like getting random household products. That is just me. I love the beauty side, but the extras are fun. I cannot wait to try these out tonight when I do some laundry. 

I was over all happy with this month's box! One of my favorites!

Thanks for reading my April Birchbox post and have a great Sunday!


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