New Haircut and tips for Curly hair.

I got my hair done today and I am really glad I did not decide to cut it short. I get there and I tell the lady, who did my hair, that I ...

I got my hair done today and I am really glad I did not decide to cut it short. I get there and I tell the lady, who did my hair, that I want all of the dead ends cut off and I think I have like two inches that needs to be taken off. She tells me to calm down, haha, and that I am not in nearly in bad shape as I think I am. I cut the dead ends off and did a little styling and bam, here is my look. It looks pretty much the same, but nicer and healthier. It feels great and I got shampoo and conditioner that I wanted. It is Redken Extreme. It was recommended by her and I am excited to try it out. I may get another shampoo so I can switch off now and then. Your hair gets us to the product and it also can start to build up. It is better to have more than one shampoo. When I can afford it, I will probably buy another one. I am not sure if I want highlights later, but I am thinking about doing that sometime. My hair is getting boring, however I need to remember that I want it to be healthy, so no crazy stuff. 

Tips for curly hair gals:

1. Try to wash your hair every other day with shampoo to avoid dry hair.

2.  Use a large flat brush for wet hair. It is sorta like a comb and does not break the hair.

3. If you have extremely dry hair like mine can be, use a deep conditioner twice a week if you can. 

4. Shampoo can be harsh and can strip your natural oils away, so look out for a good one and one that is moisturizing(do not over clean your hair!). 

5. Do not use a heavy styling products on your hair because it will weigh your curls down and make them look really weird. If the product is more watery and creamy, than that is better.

6. Vitamins that target skin, nails, and hair are beneficial to healthy hair.

7. The biggest mistake you can ever do to your curly hair is short layers. Unless your hair is shorter, long hair with shorter layers, at least for me, look crazy uneven. (I know, us curly girls just want that perfect straight hair that you can easily style and layers did seem like a good choice at the time). I have been there. Unless you use a straightener or curly iron, the layers will look weird natural.

8. Take the time to actually brush out your hair after a shower, but be gentle. After that you can scrunch your hair a little to help the curls. You do not want the top to be super flat. Volume looks nicer. 

9. If your hair is hard to brush out and feels a little stiff after a shower, you probably need a trim. As well as switching up your shampoo. The shampoo can start to build up. 

10. Finally, a quick and cheap way to manage frizz quickly, is simple, every day lotion. It is not as effective, but sometimes you just have to be cheap. Just use a dime size and spread it on your ends and a little on your hair. :)

11. Use a heat protectent when using hot styling products. I would advise to not use them often because it damages your hair, but if you do, protect it! 

Well, I hope some of these tips help. These are basics and if you have any more to add, comment below!!

--Kristina <3

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  1. Myy...I have curly hair & I love ur post :)Very helpful indeed :)