Sigma brush review and giveaway time! *woot woot*(closed)

Because I am a Sigma Affiliate, I was able to receive a brush to review and give away. I have been trying out this brush for a week and hone...

Because I am a Sigma Affiliate, I was able to receive a brush to review and give away. I have been trying out this brush for a week and honestly, I just needed a day to have the impression I got. :)

First impression of the brand:

1. The packaging is super cute. It came with a message and it was nicely in a plastic sleeve.
2. They seem very professional and clean.
3. The shipping was quick!

Is the Sigma E25 Blending brush a good brush? Why or why not?

Yes! I have used a few other brushes to blend my eye shadows and they just did not give me the results I wanted. When I would try to blend, it would put the color in one spot and sorta moved the color, but it ended up having a harsh line or did not blend smoothly with the other colors. I had to work extra hard to even have it look decent.
However, when I used the Sigma E25 Blending brush, it immediately blended perfectly. It was almost effortless. Yes, I sound like I am over stating, but no, I assure you this brush made my day! It makes my makeup routine so much faster and it makes my eye shadow look so pretty by blending it so nicely. When you use it, you do not have to put that much color on the brush, because it is so easy to blend.

Is there anything bad about the brush?

I really cannot say anything bad about it.

What is good about this brush?
1. It is very soft to the touch and does not hurt sensitive skin. I have problems with harsh brushes, but this one is super soft and smooth.

2. It blends perfectly and easily.

3. It is small, because of being a travel size. You can fit it anywhere.

4. Bristles do not fall out and that is a huge plus!!

Want to get your hands on these brushes? Click here!

Onto the contest!!

Basically, all you have to do to win is and the rules:

1. Comment below on this blog post a request on something you want for me to write about and the email you will use to contact me if your the winner, but only one comment please.(I ask for your email so if the winner email's me I will know it was them).

2. You must be following my blog. Some of you are anonymous, so in order for you to participate, you must be following without being anonymous, because I will not know if you are actually following my blog. Someone who is not following my blog, who may be anonymous, may post a comment. (Annoying huh? I have to be fair).

3. If you are not 18 or over, please have your parent's permission.

4. I believe they ship internationally, so yay!

5.Then I will randomly pick the winner( I will be fair).

6. If you win, email me your shipping address(my email is so I can send that to Sigma and you will receive your brush!

7. This will end April 8th!

I believe that is all, so good luck!


And thank you Sigma for this wonderful opportunity! 

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