Skincare Routine or Things I use(Requested)

First off, thank you for the requests on my giveaway post. I love the responses and good luck with the giveaway! ACNE: My skincare journe...

First off, thank you for the requests on my giveaway post. I love the responses and good luck with the giveaway!

My skincare journey was a rough one. It is very hard to find something that really works with your skin. Not to mention your skin changes as you age.

As a young teen, my face was very acne prone. I did not have it REAL bad like many others, but it was all over my forehead, chin, and jawline. I had the red bumps and some black heads. Nothing crazy though. I actually did not have any on my cheeks. I did not start having any on my cheeks until was out of high school, a few years ago. Which I found odd because I did not have that problem before.

Things I have tried for preventing acne:

Pretty much every drugstore brand. What was "better" out of the drugstore brands was probably clearasil. I used the pad things or the face wash.

I have tired the acne free brand that has numbered products like proactiv. That was a bad idea. I broke out really bad. I was worse than before. I thought I would try it out a little longer, but it never got better.

I tried something from the doctors and it was better, but it was like a paste thing. I didn't really like using it. I also had pills that came with it. I liked how it was better, but it still wasn't what I wanted. My was dry and I needed a good moisturizer.

I finally was able to try proactiv my senior year of high school. It really did save my life. I looked into it. I knew some people did not have a good experience, but some had really good ones. I also heard that proactiv had pretty much the same stuff in it as acne free, so that made me nervous to try it. But I was desperate. I wanted to feel pretty. I wanted to not hide anymore or feel embarrassed to be seen. Acne really does bring you down.

I saw results instantly. It wasn't clear, but my skin looked more even and finally it cleared up! Finally. After all those years. You have to keep up with it. You have to clean your face everyday, sometimes I do not and I get a few pimples. Nothing as bad as it was. If I am really good at cleaning my face, it can look almost flawless. It even took care of some of the scaring I had.

I do want to try something new, because I feel like proactiv is not working as well as before, but it really does do better than anything else I have tried.

I use the three main products, the face mask, and the green tea moisturizer. I love love love the green tea moisturizer. It is the best one out there. The mask is real good to. Try them out!

I am super sad that I have acne this bad at age 22, but all well. I will try to keep my face clean!

Other skincare I use is:

mark. see things clearly: brightening moisturizer- this feels so soft and does a good job with keeping my face hydrated.

mark. calming effect: comforting milk cleanser- this is a nice wash and smells really good! It makes your skin so soft and clean.

mark. mist opportunity: muli-tasking refresher- just a nice quick refresher. Smells good and keeps your skin healthy.

mark. body lotion- this keeps my dry legs hydrated!

Get the mark. skincare here!

Noah's naturals natural age repair: Night cream- this is a thicker moisturizer and I obviously use this a night. I do not always do this, but I like to use this time to time.

St. Ives Fresh Skin: Make-up remover and facial cleanser- This does a good job with taking off makeup. It takes a little while, but hey it is natural.

alba aloe & green tea- oil free moisturizer- This is thick, but does a good job with keeping my skin moisturized.

alba papaya enzyme- facial mask- This is not my favorite, but this mask is nice. It is thin and easy to use. It is all natural like the moisturizer.

Tree Hut Shea Body Butter-Almond & Honey- This is a really good body butter. It smells heavenly and it is certified Organic Shea butter which is plus. :) It makes my skin super soft!

I use burt's bees chap stick.

Dove body wash would be my favorite(the cool cucumber was the one I used). I am currently using Caress, but I do not really like it. It is just what I have right now.

Every thing besides the mark. skincare you can find at a drugstore. :)

I use vitamins whenever I think of it. I use the skin, hair, and nails vitamins you can find at Walmart. One a day women's or the Alive! energy vitamin for women.

Sometime I will post some natural or homemade skincare stuff I have found around the internet.

If you have any awesome skincare ideas you would recommend let me know!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I'm 23, and I still have acne. It's really frustrating. I've tried proactiv many years ago. It worked for a while, but then it decreased its effects. I actually reviewed it on my blog. Come check it out :)