What is your style?

As a child, you do not really discover your own style. You see other people at school and television people, and want to be just like them. ...

As a child, you do not really discover your own style. You see other people at school and television people, and want to be just like them. Going even father back at a really young age, you may have like princesses or boy clothes. You are influenced by things around you. If I could try to remember the first person I wanted to look like, I would have to say (and this is really hard to remember for me)....Christina Aguilera. Not only did she have my name, with CH instead, she was very pretty. I remember watching a music video of hers, this was way back in the middle school days, and I saw her "What a Girl Wants" music video. She had the long, perfect straight hair; far from my super curly frizz hair. She had the perfect face and complexion( I had no idea that you can use makeup to make someone look perfect). I never tried looking like her, but I wondered how to look like that. I was not really into "pretty" things, but it still looked nice.

As a kid, when you would go shopping for clothes, who actually picks out your clothes? Your mother. You may have some options, but you can get those really awesome pair of jeans because you cannot afford it. You just deal with the things you can have, not the things you really, really want to have.

As I mentioned in my first post, makeup was not my strong point growing up. I was not even aloud to wear it until I was in high school. Sometimes I would try to sneak out of the house with makeup on, but my mom always caught me. I looked bad. However, if taught how to do it, I would have gone out of the house looking decent. Personally, I think middle age is just fine when it comes to makeup. As long as they do it right and not over do it. I remember in waiting outside a class in middle and seeing this girl named Katie who wore a mask on her face because she never blended her bad shaded foundation. I even told her, but she seemed to like it because it showed that she was wearing makeup. That was when I learned that if you wore makeup, you wanted people to see it. Now I know you want to enhance your face, not mask it.

As I got older I began to explore some aspects of makeup and fashion, but I mainly just wore a t-shirt and jeans. I got slightly better with makeup in high school, but not nearly as well as I do now. I wore basic, neutral makeup and never tried more complex looks.

My style now, is complicated. I basically grab what appeals to me, but lean towards the simple/easy style, t-shirt and skinny jeans, because I am use to it. I am slowly adding to "my style", trying to get more of what I actually want to wear, rather than the easy way out. I love the loose tops, and skinny jeans. I love accessories, but never buy them. I love skirts, but never buy them. I tell myself I would not look good in something just because I have not tried it.

I am discovering myself everyday, and need to let my style out. No more boring jeans and t-shirt(though it's comfy), I want to wear more sophisticated, elegant styles that will make people take me seriously(dealing with jobs or adults). I am going to be 22 soon and I need to dress like it. With makeup, I am trying to be neutral and realize I do not need makeup to cover up my face, but rather enhance it.

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