You are beautiful.

I am sure some of you are the type of person when approached by someone who tells you that you are beautiful, you shrugged it off because yo...

I am sure some of you are the type of person when approached by someone who tells you that you are beautiful, you shrugged it off because you do not feel that way. You may feel nice when told that, but every time you look into the mirror you criticize yourself. Well let me tell you girl, YOU ARE beautiful!

I have met many girls, who in most eyes would be considered gorgeous, think they are not attractive! Why? Society. Media. Magazines. Peers. Family.

These are just some things that can affective a women's view of themselves. What is the ideal women body and face according to most magazines or models? Skinny(toned), nice boobs, full lips, and long victoria's secret hair. Why is it that they put us girls into a VERY small category and think we all can achieve this EXACT look to be considered attractive? We all have different body shapes, different genes, different complexions, and different styles. You know what message I wish was actually out there instead of looking sexy to get sex? Be happy and healthy.  MakeupGeek(Marlena), a makeup artist from youtube, says this after each of her videos.
I think we should take care of ourselves and stay healthy. The better you feel, the happier and more confident you are. Change something about your lifestyle if need be to achieve a healthy body or mind. We do not need to be super skinny, but looking healthy is nice. We do no need to wear tons of makeup, however looking clean is a plus. We do not need to wear awesome sexy clothes, however dressing in the right shape and size is a must. We do not need to look all the same with the perfect abs and sexy beach hair. It saddens me that girls want to get their face done because they do not look perfect. Even young teens are doing it! I know these girls just want to be happy with themselves, but who told them they are not beautiful enough because of their tiny flaw? Society. We are surrounded by it. Disclaimer: Plastic surgery is also used to fix things like cleft lips and things such as that, and that is understandable. But changing your nose because of a slight bump is just crazy. You put your life at stake when you go under the knife.
Am I against plastic surgery? No. I just feel we are conditioned to look perfect so I understand why women/teens do it.

We need to be ourselves and take care of ourselves. If you do not take any time for yourself, you will never be happy. I know many of you love to take care of others and really are happy doing that, but after a long day of doing nothing but work or taking care of this and that, you want some you time. Take care of yourself and be who you want to be. You feel it makes people happy when you take care of them, but them seeing you take some time to take care of yourself to will make them even more happy because you are happy. I know in some cases, some do not appreciate you, and I am sorry you are in a situation like that(many are). I know you are the only one that gets anything done and have no time for yourself. You need to voice your problem. You need you time! I wish you luck!

Be confident in yourself. Buy a simple outfit that flatters your body or wear your favorite perfume. What ever makes you feel happy.

If you are the type of person who needs to verbally hear compliments all the time to feel good about yourself, remember that a lot of people do not know that is your need. Some need to hear things more than others. Do not get upset about not hearing something when you get a new haircut or new dress or this or that. You feel happy with what you do or what you wear, so it is okay if someone does not say something about it, because after all, you like it. :) You are beautiful.

Remember girls, be happy and healthy.


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