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I want to share with you something that is fun to me and exciting. Last October I became a mark. Representative. Not sure what mark. is? Do ...

I want to share with you something that is fun to me and exciting. Last October I became a mark. Representative. Not sure what mark. is? Do not worry. I will let you in on all the awesome details. ;)

Click here if you are interested in buying from me. Important note, you must register on my site to order from me, the register button is on the right above my picture. Anyway, about mark.

mark. is a company owned by Avon, however anyone can sell it separately, they sell affordable makeup, clothing, accessories, and many other things. They started in the early 2000's and have grown so much since then. I have heard many stories from older mark. Reps and I am in love with this company. I want to become better at selling and get more familiar with each product. mark. was designed for the younger generation, however anyone and any age can buy it! mark. brings to you top fashion and makeup, just at a click of a mouse! Not to mention, you can order online, on my site and get it ordered within a week. I do not have to live near you in order for you to support me. It is great huh?!

mark. offers so many choices in beauty and fashion and have great people running this company. We also just got a new <===== mark. ambassador, Ashley Greene!, from twilight!(she is team Edward because she is his sister after all). She is beautiful and an awesome face for mark. I have even seen an interview of her talking about mark. and she was so excited to be apart of it all.

I do not have as much time as I would like selling mark., however I am so glad I am still trying to stay with it. My mark. mentor is such a sweetie and super helpful! She answers ANY questions I have, as well as getting to know me and has guided me through many things. I wish I lived in WA again because then we could get together or have mark. parties together. Hi Venna!

I have many mark. products(and want so much more), and I like them all. I will review all that I have and give you my honest opinions on each product.

1. mark. flip for it-Urban Neutrals(this particular one is not out anymore but there new ones. The new spring one is beautiful!) These are amazing! I love how you get so many different products in one thing. You get two eye shadows, a blush, then flip(for)it and see four lip colors(2 gloss and 2 lip color). I want more of these!

2. mark. makeup brushes. These are really nice quality and they DO NOT shed! My favorite one I own is the powder brush because it puts on just the right amount of blush on my face. There is a concealer brush, lip brush, eye liner brush, and eye shadow brush. All of them are very easy to work with. These were in the travel size set. You can get bigger ones, and they offer other brushes to!

3. mark. get a tint-tinted moisturizer lotion. This foundation is nice. It goes on easily and does not crease. However, I am not a fan of tinted moisturizers because I need more coverage. If you are looking for something easy, quick, and you do not need much coverage, this is for you!

4. mark. glow baby glow hook up lip gloss. I am normally not a glow gal. However, I love this stuff. It is not sticky and is very soft. It comes in many shades and I own the pink crush color. They have a minty feel, so if you are not into that perhaps this is not for you. BUT, it is a slight mint taste. 

5. mark. totally lip balm SPF 15 in totally hot. This lip balm is soft and natural. If you love looking natural, but want a little pop of color, this is great for it! That is what I love about mark., you get products that look natural.

 6. mark. lipstick in Ruffle. Their lipsticks are smooth and easy to use. I want more of them and more lighters colors.

7. mark. make it big mascara in raven. I like this mascara, however it did not "make it big" like I thought it would. It makes my eye lashes even and it does not clump, but not as much volume as I thought. It still gives the lashes a nice look!

8. mark. see things clearly brightening face lotion, calming effects milk cleanser, and mist opportunity face spray. I love all of these. My favorite is the spray because it wakes your face up and keeps it fresh. The cleanser is nice and makes your face soft. The face moisturizer makes your face soft as well and does brighten the face with little shimmer. I have a travel size set. The real sizes are much larger! Check them out!

9. And lastly, mark. free for all body lotion. It is nice, a little thick though. It does not have a smell, just that lotion smell, which is not bad, but would like a girly smell. It keeps my skin moisturized. 

There you have it, all of the mark. products I own. I hope these reviews were helpful and if you want to check mark. out or buy things go to my eboutique: click at here! Remember you must register in order to buy from me. Another thing, if you want any updates or know of any recent deals or what is new to mark., you can register just for that. You do not have to buy right now, but then I can have your email and email you any special deals going on!

Have a nice day/night!


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