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I have been feeling like I am in some cage like a bird who just wants to be free. Free to do what? SHOP!!! Speaking of caged birds, my fri...

I have been feeling like I am in some cage like a bird who just wants to be free. Free to do what? SHOP!!!

Speaking of caged birds, my friend has a awesome blog about life and you should go check her out! She is on my recommendation spot on the side of the blog, and her blog is called the caged bird sings. Hey hot stuff! <3

Back to rambling....so I cannot afford to go shop for makeup or clothes that often at all (that is why I do not do any hauls as of now). Yes, other girls hauls make me envious and they make my cravings even worse! I constantly add more and more to my list of LOVES and want to go buy them. I will give you a few examples that I cannot wait to get my hands on!

First one is something I have been wanting for OVER A YEAR. It was originally suppose to be only a limited edition piece, but it was in such high demand that they decided to keep it in their collection. What is this amazing item? Urban Decay's Naked Palette! Yes, I know what you're think, over rated?, but I NEED it! I love the colors and have seen it in my hands at Sephora a few times and had to leave the store without it because one, I am broke, and two they have been sold out for months! Now they have re-stocked and I want to get my hands on it ASAP! Wow, chill much?


mark. set for $40!

Next products are just a few from mark. I want to add to my collection and have way less mark. products than I want. I obviously sell the products so I need to get more things from them. The Ibiza Sol set is just perfect and these are new to mark. I REALLY want the Zip around bag and you can get it only for $20 if you buy $20 worth of mark. products first. It is originally is $30. The shirt is to die for and I may get this very soon along with the things mentioned above. Go here or there to get your hands on them!

I also really want to get more MAC products.

 Benefit also has this new skincare line that I want to try out. I love Benefit and really would love to buy more things from them. What is your favorite product from them? Click on the benefit picture on the bottom of the blog to get the skincare line!

These are only a few that I would love to have. What are some things you are saving for? Do you own any of these and what do you think of them if so?

Thanks for reading my rambles. :)

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  1. I was the same with the Naked palette. It wasn't available locally (no Urban Decay) so even if I could afford to buy it, I couldn't find it. Finally, my local drugstore started carrying Urban Decay and I got my hands on it a few weeks ago. It is, by far, the best palette I've bought. If you can put a little aside and save, I'd really recommend doing that.

    And who knows, maybe you'll win it from a giveaway at some point! (hint hint)

    - Jenny

  2. Thanks for the comment! I have entered every contest with that being the prize. ;) I will get my hands on someday haha. My husband knows I want it real bad so who knows if I get a surprise from him. :)

  3. LOVE YOU! :]
    brilliant introduction, I must say. thanks for the recommendation! and I agree, any makeup-savvy woman needs the NAKED palette. I need to find and marry a rich dude... ;]

  4. Bahaha, love you to girl! I know I need to marry....a rich...oh damn. :) I love him anyway.

    I think I am too obsessed with makeup. I crave shopping every day.