New to Makeup? Tips #1.

Are you really wanting to learn how to do your makeup and confused on how to do so? I was there. Oh how I was truly there. I did not even ...

Are you really wanting to learn how to do your makeup and confused on how to do so?

I was there. Oh how I was truly there. I did not even know where to start. I knew the basics: foundation, mascara, eye liner, and eye shadow. But how to apply it without looking like your two year old sister did it?

How should you do your makeup when you are new at it?

I feel that you should create your own style and own "beauty" style( hence my blog name) and before really doing that, you must learn how to properly put on makeup. Once you get the hang of it, you can then step out and go for it!

First things to know:

1.The best thing I can say about learning how to do your makeup is finding out what your skin tone is.
What the heck it skin tone? It is the overall tone of your face as in the color you have.
The best way to to compare your skin to somone else. Go up to your mom, friend, boyfriend, ect and compare your hands. Is your skin more yellow, red, olive(darker), really light almost white or brown? That is skin tone. Once you figure out what your skin tone is, that will help you find out what foundation shade you are.

  • Ivory is for very pale to light skin that usually has red under tones.

  • Beige has more of a yellow under tone.

  • Bronze is usually for the darker olive to brown under tones. 

Sometimes foundations have names instead of the color name and that can be confusing. Just look for the under tone and you will understand that more and more you look at foundation. Also, for higher end foundation you can go the counter and have a lady help you find your match!

2. Find out what your skin type is. What is skin type? Do you have dry skin, oily skin, or combination?

  • If you know this, you can find out what foundation is best for you or what things that may irritate your skin. We all cannot use every makeup product. You need to find what works best for you.

3. Never over do your makeup if you are starting out.

  • Go for simple looks that enhance your look rather than being distracting.
  • Use foundation(with a brush), a little blush that works with your skin tone, natural eye shadow, mascara, thin eye liner, and powder to set the foundation. 
  • Lip gloss is nice and lipstick takes practice.
  • Something to avoid: a mask.....blend your makeup! You do not want a mask. Please no mask. :)
  • Do not over do your bronzer if you want to try that out. Keep is simple girl.
4. Practice, practice, practice!! 
  • The more you mess up, the more you learn. Do not be afraid to just go for it and if you mess up, well there is makeup remover for that. :) 
I will try to think of some simple looks for you to re-create so you can have ideas on what you can do with your makeup. These are just reminders and first things to do before you go out of public...bahaha. ;)

Comment and ask any questions!


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