My flaws/insecurities?

This post is to point out that no one is perfect physically and should never strive to be so. We are all unique and all our own person. That...

This post is to point out that no one is perfect physically and should never strive to be so. We are all unique and all our own person. That is why I created this blog is express "my own beauty" and that is why I named it that. I am going to get it all out there and express my feelings about my "flaws".

The Things I do not like about myself Physically

  • My nose. This is the number one thing I hate about myself. It is extremely large for a girl. I started not liking it during high school. I never really cared before then. But once I did, I felt a little ugly at times, thinking people noticed that. However, this doesn't make me want to get plastic surgery(nothing against it, unless you're obsessed). I do not think of it all the time, but in pictures I sure do hate it at times. Examples is one of my wedding photos I cannot help but see my big nose instead of how happy that day was. 
  • My hair texture. It can be really annoying managing my hair. If I did not have this really think, curly, on the bottom corse hair, life would be easier. Do not get me wrong, I love my curly hair when I can use the right products and styling tools, but by itself, it can be really homely and frizzy!
  • My thin arms. I can never seem to get muscle there. Even when I work out continuously, I still have super skinny arms that look sickly.
  • My teeth. They are naturally, abnormally small for my age. They are tiny, and not quite toddler tiny, but smaller than normal. My two front teeth looks like bugs bunny and I have been told that.
  • My dry skin. My legs are so dry half the time and I have to make sure I put lotion or body butter on them during the summer or I will flake all over the place!
  • My acne prone skin. This is super frustrating and really hard to life with. I am 22 now and STILL have acne! I currently using Proactiv, and it CAN help if I use it properly, but my face is too stubborn! Even my back is breaking out more than normal. It is not fun. Even when I try natural products, I seem to break out more. I cannot get off of Proactiv without breaking out! Help!
We are not perfect or flawless like we want to be when being beauty obsessors. Remember, you can never cover up what you truly are and never be ashamed of who you are. No magazine or tv show can tell you what you should look like. You are YOU! 

Be your own beauty. 
Be happy and healthy!

I encourage you to admit the things you do not like about yourself and then realize that you are beautiful anyway!


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  1. Lovely post ♥

    Grr there so many things im not happy about ..
    I hate my nose, I wish I were a little bit taller, I get pale so fast which sucks, I got some extra baby weight obviously after having my children that im trying to hard to *tone*, i'm sure I can think of more things .....

  2. But, remember you are still unique and beautiful regardless of the things you do not like about yourself. We all have things we do not like. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. thanks for being so honest and vulnerable in your post. i think it's so great that you did this entry. you're beautiful :)

    my makeup blog:

  4. Thank you Ke. I just checked out your blog and now I am following. Love your blog. I really want to try the BB cream you mentioned in one of your posts.