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First let me state that I was sent these shadows to review. I heard about this brand on Etsy from someone on youtube a while back and wanted...

First let me state that I was sent these shadows to review. I heard about this brand on Etsy from someone on youtube a while back and wanted to try them out myself.
About Providence and Grace
Hello and welcome to Providence and Grace. Be sure to check out our website, www.ProvidenceAndGrace.Com for more selection, more options, discounts, and free shipping on orders over $25, including international!

Here at Providence and Grace we expertly handcraft each and every item that you order. Our items are lovingly made with only the highest quality of ingredients, rest assured that you are receiving only the best when purchasing from our shop. For our lip balms, perfumes, and lipsticks please note that they are made with unrefined beeswax. This lends a mild and sweet earthy smell to our beeswax based products. Unrefined beeswax leaves a protective, moisturizing, and healing barrier on your skin. - from the shop Providence and Grace

What did I get?
I got three full sized mineral eye shadows in the colors Victoria, Pewter, and Dusty Rose. I got to pick them out and these three stood out the most to me.

First Impressions:Packaging

  • Well, comparing them to MSC, I thought it was a little boring. I mean, I do not NEED something amazing, but it was pretty plain as you can see the left. 
  • The first shadow I opened was Pewter and when I tried closing it, it did not want to line up and shut. It literally took a few minutes. That was annoying, but I am sure it was not their fault. However, the others did not do that.
  • The shifter was sealed nicely and it was all cleaned and kept nice.
First Impressions:Application
  • It was easy to get out.
  • The first one I tried on my eyes was Dusty Rose and it was very light and hard to see the pink, but the shimmer was beautiful.
  • The texture of the pigments are a little bit more "thicker" side you could say rather than really dusty and light, like MSC. But I like it.
  • When blending, it is easy but if you wet your brush first, it has a little trouble, but not bad.
  • The colors are beautiful and nicely pigmented.
  • Fallout is not an issue.
Would I purchase any in the future?
Yes. I would. They are very beautiful and easy to apply.

Where can I find these?
Check out Providence and Grace's Etsy shop here, and they have more than just mineral eye shadow. They have quite a collection!

From left to right- Pewter, Dusty Rose, and Victoria.

My Look with the shadow Pewter!

Have any of their shadows or products? What do you think?


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  1. thanks for sharing. the shadows looks very pigmented especially victoria! :D


  2. Thanks for the review!

    You should try BFTE cosmetics

    Great post