BeautyFiend Cosmetics Review & Swatches!

Hey there lovelies. We meet again with a review. I have had a lot lately because I will be honest and say that I LOVE reviewing. It is sort ...

Hey there lovelies. We meet again with a review. I have had a lot lately because I will be honest and say that I LOVE reviewing. It is sort of a stress relief. 
Anyway, to BeautyFiend Cosmetics...
About BeautyFiend Cosmetics

Beauty Fiend Cosmetics, founded in late 2009, is lovingly handmade with only the highest quality mineral mica. Our pigments will definitely make your eyes POP! These babies are so highly concentrated and INTENSE that a little goes a long way! You definitely don't need much. Cruelty free, our products are not tested on animals. We even offer vegan friendly pigments =) Please note: All vegan pigments will be noted in the listing to avoid any confusion.-on the Beautyfiend cosmetics site
My First Impressions:

  • The website(her artfire) is very girly and glitter-tastic! Her photo is gorgeous! I saw that her pigments look unique and not the same old color. :) There are not a whole lot, but I am sure she is cooking some up as I type. (Correction she has more on her etsy shop!)
  • When I got her package, it was just the five pigments and that's it. No wrapping and no logo on the top of the lids. On the bottom it says the name, brand, and what's in it, which is nice. I would have liked to see a logo because I am all about the packaging. However, the products are great!
  • Customer service was great. She seems very sweet.
  • The colors are gorgeous! What makes these pigments different from many I have reviewed? They are highly pigmented, and like the website says, you do not need a whole lot to make your eyes pop! The glitter is so fine and pretty.
  • The pricing is slightly more than a few other brands I have reviewed. However, you can get SIX pigments for $18 and that is a great deal!
  • Any cons? I honestly can't say I noticed any. They are so pretty, smooth, and very pigmented! 
What I got:

  • The pigments are very smooth and easy to work with. 
  • My favorite pigment would have to be first kiss because of how glittery it is and it's so girly!
  • Each pigment were very pigmented and I love how I do not need a whole lot to get the pop.
  • I would love to try more colors from BFC!
A few looks using the pigments:

I will be doing more looks soon!

Where can you buy these?
Go to artfire and look up beautyfiend cosmetics or click here!

Last thoughts:
I was sent these free for review and this was my honest opinion of the brand and products. I am not affiliated with the brand. And I thank BeautyFiend Cosmetics for sending them!
Thanks for reading and let me know if you own anything from them!

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  1. You always find such unique, interesting, and GOOD products! Keep it up!

  2. The colors are so pretty!