My Thoughts on Giveaways

Alright. Let me just get this off my chest because I get a little annoyed at times when I see posts or giveaways like this... I have done a...

Alright. Let me just get this off my chest because I get a little annoyed at times when I see posts or giveaways like this...
I have done a few giveaways now that include extra entries. Although they can be boring and/or long to do, they also get the blog out there in the process. I believe this is a good idea ONLY if your blog has little followers and you just want some help getting your blog known.
When you require a lot out of your followers such as saying "you MUST follow my facebook page, or "you MUST follow my on bloglovin" or " you MUST state this..." then that is a bit too much. That shows you do not care so much for your followers because they do not need to be required to do those things. Plus they may not have a facebook or youtube! They are following a blog not youtube! They decided to follow your blog in the first place and making them do extra effort in order for you to get more followers, is just selfish. YES, if you are giving away something, they should put some effort into it like maybe perhaps doing a blog post or do a contest where you have them submit a picture because some prizes are pricy, however if it's sponsored or if you have tons of followers, you should not have them do all of this extra time consuming tasks in order for you to get more followers.

I have done "extras" because I wanted to get the word out when I first started, actually my first giveaway did not have extras, but the next ones I wanted to get the word out a bit. But I did not require you to go to facebook or twitter or youtube....because that's just crazy. I am not going to force you to follow other things that you may not even look at again. My recent one doesn't even have extras!
What is the point of your blog? To write about beauty, not have your followers do extra work just to receive a prize that you decided to give away because you are thanking them for following you in the first place.
Calm down a bit on the entries!

That is all.

--Kristina :)

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  1. ITFA. It seems like they don't care about their readers at all, they just want to gain more exposure! I mean come on now,especially if they have like 800+ followers surely you don't need to push it on people to spread their blog around even more. In the end, they may have heaps of 'followers' but not every one of them would read their blog religiously. if you know what i mean :)

  2. I haven't come across any giveaways like that yet but I certainly agree with you on all your points.

    I'm planning one soon and trying to keep the 'extra' entries to a minimum save for reblogging, though - I did have an idea to do "Automatic Bonus Entries" where if you happen to be a follower prior to the giveaway, or are a frequent commenter for example you are automatically given say +5 entries as a true thank you to loyal supporters.

    I think that's a much better way to 'thank' your readers rather than making them jump through hoops.

  3. Ashii I agree!
    Meredith, that is a good idea. I have thought about doing the same thing with the followers who actually comment and enjoy my blog. :)

  4. I have to agree with you. all my giveaways have been simple. all i ask is for a follow and a post, nothing out of the ordinary. thanks for making a point of this!