Simply Sweet Skin Review!

I am going to be reviewing Simply Sweet Skin , a brand that is super fun and professional! I was sold when I saw that my package came in a c...

I am going to be reviewing Simply Sweet Skin, a brand that is super fun and professional! I was sold when I saw that my package came in a cute pink bag with cupcake pins keeping it closed. Those little things are what make a business great.

A little about SSS:
Hi! Welcome to my page. I am a 31 year old mommy and wife. I am also a nurse. I have been making B&B for about 5 years and totally love it! It is my passion. I am into more natural products that are good for our skin, our largest organ! If we make sure to take care of our insides, why not our outsides? We have to live in this skin for the rest of our lives, let's treat it to simply sweetness with natural home made products!-SSS

My first impressions of this brand was from Facebook and I thought her stuff looked awesome. It looked cute and had a lot a products to choose from! I love variety and SSS has it!

What I got!/Review:


I thought she did a great job with how she presents her products. This is so cute and friendly. It shows she cares about her customers. I love the cupcake!

Body Scrubs

Need a wake up call in the morning? This scrub will sure do the trick! I love anything that smells like coffee and this scrub smells just like it. It feels great to the touch and does a great job with scrubbing the body of imperfections. You do not need a whole lot to get the job done. 5 stars for sure! You can buy the full size for $8 here!

The lemon is a great scent for sure! As stated above, these scrubs are great! :)
Buy it here for $8!

Lip Honeys!
 This is with Transfusion a very nice berry red! I love the smell and it goes on smoothly. I really desribe the smell, but it is almost like a type of candy I cannot remember the name of. But its sweet.  It feels thick, but it is not sticky. Also, the pigmentation is build-able, because you can have a WOW factor or a very subtle pretty look. :) LOVE THEM!
You can get this lip honey here for $5.50.

Bare lips

This is Pumpkin Eater. The pictures never show the true awesomeness of the colors, but this is a very nice orangey color with lots of glitter! It's lovely. The smell is great and smells like Thanksgiving pumpkin pie:)
You can get it here!

I LOVE THIS SOAP! It makes you smell so freakin good for hrs after a shower! My husband even likes it. I cannot describe the smell unfortunately, but it is more of a floral smell than sweet. Not a gross granny smell, but it's just great. I also lost the baggie that had the name of this soap:( If SSS is reading, please let me know of the name, cause I must have a full size! :) )
*Note that she told me this is Kara Dupe from Lush!
This soap feels great in the shower, and your skin feels so soft after the shower. At first when you use it, it feels like most soaps, not so soft after rinsing, but your skin smells great and feels so soft after you get out of the shower. 
I smell great for hrs and hrs. 
You can get her soaps here!

Whipped Body Souffle/Frosting
Buttercream smells great and sweet! Coffee is well coffee hehe. Yum! 
These feel as though you are smoothing water on your skin because it is so light! You only need a little to get half of your leg. These do not feel oily and dry pretty fast which is what I love because I hate lotions that keep that "heavy" feeling my skin. 
Your skin will look so bright and smell yummy!
If you do not like strong smells, these are pretty strong. However, I do not care. :)
You can get them here!

Solid Perfume
I LOVE this perfume and MUST MUST have more. It is basically the perfect women smell. It is a little sweet but more of a sexy smell. Again, not great at describing. My husband loves it and it stays on all day. I prefer a solid perfume!
Grab one here!

Face Mask
I will be honest and say I never had the chance to try these and I will do a separate review! :)

Overall Thoughts:
  • Packaging: Great! It is simply sample packaging that works. Cute logo and professional!
  • Customer Service: Great! She is super sweet and generous!
  • Products: Great! She has so much to offer and everything I have tried is great. It is hard to write a review without over doing it, but her products are amazing. :) Go check SSS out!
Where to find SSS?:

Thanks for reading and thank you SSS for sending me your amazing products!
Comment below the products you have tried from SSS!

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