Beauty Without Cruelty Review and Pictures

Hey beauties! I have for you a company I was interested in not only for the name, but the products. If you haven't already heard about...

Hey beauties!

I have for you a company I was interested in not only for the name, but the products. If you haven't already heard about BWC, check out their about me HERE.

A little about them: 
"has a full line of cruelty-free, vegetarian skin, body, and hair care products made with the finest natural ingredients and aroma-therapeutic essential oils, and a full line of colour cosmetics to meet the needs of every woman." BWC

Beauty Without Cruelty gave me a great first impression on their website which is a good thing for a customer. I believe not only in good quality products, but also in the presentation.  One thing I learned from college is that if you want to have someone respect your work, you need to show them you respect it by the presentation, being eye appealing, neat, and clean. They have a good website and easy access to the products.

What I received from BWC and Thoughts:

A great product and my favorite of the three that I was sent! Why?
  • It feels very nice on the skin.
  • It absorbs into the skin quickly.
  • It leaves my skin very soft and gives it a healthy glow!
  • It gives my skin life and brightness.
  • It goes great under my makeup.
Over all it is worth the money when I purchase one. 
Price: $17.95

This is what the skin renewal looks like. It looks thick but smooths onto the skin easily and you do not need too much for a large section of your body.

What it looks like after you smooth it into your skin

This product is nice. I never had a eye cream or gel so I wanted to try this out. I will tell you how it worked out, but this is one of those products which I am not sure if it did anything.
But here is a few things I did notice it did for me:
  • Smoothed my eye area.
  • Helped make those little white bumps that you can get under your eyes go away.
  • Helped my makeup go on better.
  • Soften the eye area
I am not sure if I would purchase another one just because I am not sure if I need this. I feel it has given me some results. I also feel that I may know for sure if I need once I do not have it anymore. As in if my skin looks worse after not using it for awhile. 
Price: $19.95

This is how much you need for both under eyes.

I will be honest and say that I only used this once. Why?
  • It says "Light", but it is on the darker side and VERY orange.
  • It feels heavy one my face.
  • Dried very fast.
I tried using it but like I mentioned, it is orange! I have light skin that is on the yellow side and this would have not worked out. I wanted to try it out because it is cruelty free, but I am sorry to say that I cannot have a proper review.
Price: $23.95

See how orange it is?

Smoothing it out.

What it looks like on the skin.

What my other hand without it on looks like. The other hand is more orange. It is not the lighting.

Final Thoughts:
I like the products that I received, other than the foundation. The eye gel and the lotion are great! I highly recommend you try them out.

The products are linked with their titles so you can find their products from that link.
I also was sent these for free to try out and talk about it with you! :)

Thanks for reading! Comment below if you tried their products and what they were.
Ps watch my video review here!

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