My Five Fav Independent Brands and Why!

Hey lovelies. :) I have for you a post that will hopefully benefit you if you were considering buying from independent companies and have ...

Hey lovelies. :)

I have for you a post that will hopefully benefit you if you were considering buying from independent companies and have not yet. This will be a list of at-home companies that I believe are the best and give great service and quality products. If you are not sure how the whole indi companies work I can summarize for you:

Indi companies are founded by women or men who do what they love to do, but decided to sell it as well. Many use to make these products for themselves or family and friends and was told to sell because they were so good. Some wanted to start their own businesses purely to make some extra cash as well as create products for themselves. Their stories are all different, but what makes them the same is that they are not the big top companies and will give you great service, unless they are shady, but this list I have compiled are indi brands that can be trusted and have great products!

Onto the good stuff! Here are my favorite indi brands and why I love them, in no particular order from favorite:

This was the first brand I tried a year ago this month! It is my birthday with this brand and I have been loyal since last April. 
MSC is a great brand to start off with indi brands. She has a lot to choose from.

A little about MSC:

This is a vegan friendly brand that offers a great color range in loose shadows. 
Mo, the owner has done this for about two years now this month and she has done many collections and great goodies over these two years. I have only been with her for a year as I mentioned but she has gone far since then. For an example, she changed her logo and look about a month or so after I found her and also added some permanent products to the shop. Her products include loose shadows, lip bombs(lip balm), eye primer, translucent powder and also will throw in some extras sometimes like lip gloss on special occasions. She will probably do something epic for MSC birthday this month so stay tuned!

The Best Thing About MSC: Her loose eyeshadows is her speciality! She has one of the most unique colors and great quality! If I want a certain color, I go to her because her colors are so bold and yet as subtle as you want them to be. She does customs when she can and did a great job with my custom order for my sister's wedding! You can also find her on facebook here!

My Favorite Product from MSC: By far my favorite shadow from MSC is Mystery Meat. It is a great brown with a hint of beautiful blue shimmer. You would have to see it to witness it's awesomeness!

This is my second indi brand I tried out and became a loyal customer. I fell in love with her lip glosses. I never really enjoyed lip glosses until I found hers.

A little About STC: 

This brand is still quite new because it started at the end of the summer of 2011. I came across this brand through facebook and glad I did. The owner, Kaitlyn is so sweet and easy to work with. She is a super cute geek and has put out amazing collections throughout the months. This brand is not fully vegan but has many loose shadows that are! 
She offers a nice collection of loose shadows, lip glosses, blushes, translucent powder, and will have extra goodies on holidays! Sweeten up your life with Sweet Treat Cosmetics! 

The Best Thing About STC: Her lip glosses! They are smooth, smell amazing because their names are how they smell, and they are not sticky! I have a few reviews on them. Go check them out!
My Favorite Product from STC: My favorite would have to be my chocolate collection, which is not available right now on her site. But it is a great neutral collection that offers many options for looks. 

Dear goodness what can I say about this awesome brand! This is my go-to bath and body brand!

A Little About SSS:
This natural, homemade brand is made by a lovely women named Catina. She makes bath and body products from Heaven. The good Lord cased down some heavenly awesomeness and put it in her products! I am not overstating. Period.
This brand use to offer a WIDE range of products, but recently the owner has gotten too busy to still create all of her goodies! Which made me so so so sad because this is my go to bath and body place after all! However, she needs to do what she gots to do. :)
She use to offer lip gloss from Jesus' smile, body scrubs from Angel Songs, body melts from Angel Wings, just a whole lota stuff! But now only offers soaps, which is what she began with. She may offer some more goodies during the holidays. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Best Thing about SSS: Her SOAPS and UNAVAILABLE Lip gloss. Why would I mention the lip gloss when you can't buy any? Because when she does offer them again, you need to get your hands on some!
Also, I have tried many soap brands and hers are by far the best ever.

My Favorite Product from SSS: My Karma Lush Dupe Soap! This smells AAAAAmazing! Not to mention this soap really keeps me smelling good ALL day and makes me skin so soft. 

This brand was recommended to me by a facebook friend. I was glad she did because this lady can make awesome products. This brand, however is higher in price than some of the other brands, but is well worth it!

A Little About P&P:
Kristy, also known as Veggie Beauty, is married and works outside of P&P. This is a full on vegan friendly, cruelty free brand and offers many, many things!
She has a large range of loose shadow colors and mostly neutral because using vegan ingredients and with her deep researching, it can be hard to make bright colors without overstepping her beliefs. With that being said, she has so many good products such as blush, shadows, mineral foundation, translucent powder, bronzer fragrance, and liner! She will be offering other products in the near future to!

The Best Thing About P&P: The best thing has got to be her blushes and bronzer. These are so beautiful and can complement me so well without over doing it. I love her products and these two are they things to grab for when searching for vegan/cruelty free blushes and bronzers!

My Favorite Products from P&P: Louvre matte shadow and her Oak Bark Bronzer!

My go to skincare products are from this awesome natural indi brand!

A Little About Crushed Botanicals:
This brand started in 2005 and has branched out since. I only found out about them in December of 2011 and bought a few of their skincare products and a liquid foundation. I fell in love! They offer skincare products, some makeup, and body products. Check out their facebook page: HERE!

The Best Thing About CB: Skincare products! They have many great ingredients in them that really help your skin!

My Favorite Product from CB: Their Detox cleanser is by far my favorite product from them! This has helped me clear up my skin the safe way! No more Proativ! This has activated charcoal in it and it has change the way my skin looks and feels!

That is my top FIVE FAV and I hope it was helpful and informational! It took a while to write for sure. :)

Thanks for reading and comment below your favorite indi brands and why. I would love to know your favorite products from them to.


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  1. madstylecosmetics looks so cute! i love the pckaging! :D

  2. Go check out her shop Katrina!

  3. Kristina, you are so sweet! Thank you for including MSC in your top 5 <3

  4. These all look great - and I'm looking for new makeup, so what good timing! :)

  5. Bethany, these are the real deal!

  6. great post, its good to read about the smaller companies!

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