Furless Makeup Brushes Review

This post is really exciting for me because I love these products! I contacted Furless Cosmetics awhile, meaning this post is a bit overdu...

This post is really exciting for me because I love these products!

I contacted Furless Cosmetics awhile, meaning this post is a bit overdue( I apologize FMB!), however they sent me a few products to review! I did not know what to expect and when I opened my packaged I was really surprised on how great their products are. Why? Because I am very hard to pleased. :)

A little about FC!

Furless is a world first! We are an Australian company that sells high quality synthetic professional makeup brushes and accessories that are stylish, functional, and most importantly, they are all fur-free.-Furless Makeup Brushes
Check out what they have to say about the environment here!

What I got:

7 Piece Mini Bamboo Eco Set!

The Details
I use this one as an all over powder brush. It does not say what to use it for, however I have some understanding of brushes so I thought this would be perfect for powder foundation or my HD powder. It works very well for that. It is very soft and easy to clean. No fallout so far.

This brush is great for contouring your face with bronzer. I also use it for blush. Again, this is easy to clean and very soft.

I use this one for eye shadow. It also looks like you can use it for concealer, which I have not tried that yet. It is very firm and great for blending.

This is by far my favorite liner brush. It is very firm and easy to use! Love it!

I use this one for shadow to. It is great for that.

This is a nice brow brush. Very firm.

I love this for the crease and blending. It is a bit big for my V, but it is a very nice brush!

The packaging is super cute! It seems like they really put effort into it. I love that about some brands. I learned in art school that you must impress and they sure did!

This is a green color called Heroine. 

A purple called.

A yellow/golden color called Beauty.

This color is super gorgeous! I love paring it with bright blues! 
Very smooth in application!

This green is very lovely. However, I did notice that there was a bit of a yellow mixed in it, almost like the yellow above. I mixed it a bit, but I thought that was odd. Besides that, this color is awesome!

This purple is super pretty! I also noticed in this one that it had some red mix into it. I noticed a light pink on my eyes because of that. But it is all mixed in now. I am very curious why both the above colors did that. No big deal though.

This is a look I created with all three colors. :) 

Review Rundown:
  • The Customer Service: They were very nice when I contacted them! 
  • The website: Easy to navigate, and really neat. They really put some time into their look.
  • The packaging: I love their packaging and logo. Like I said above, they truly impressed me. When I opened my package I was sold immediately. Did you see how cute they wrapped it all?!
  • The brushes: They are very soft and durable! I have used them for weeks now and love them. They are easy to clean, and so far I see no bristles falling out. The brush holder they come with is very soft and sleek. It can fit anywhere and has a zipper spot on the right side where you can put things in.
  • The pigments: They are soft and easy to work with. The shimmer is super pretty and not over the top. I feel they could be a bit more pigmented for my taste, however I probably need to invest in a white base. They are great pigments. 
Where can you buy these?:

Would I recommend this brand?
YES! Get their brushes.

Overall thoughts:
Thank you Furless for sending me these awesome products! You may be in Australia, but I would love to get more of your brushes!
I was sent these and stated my honest opinion! I was not paid to do this review.
Overall, this brand is a 5 star! :)

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I love your animal and eco friendly posts! This looks like a great set of brushes. I'm still expanding my set so I'll have to remember this company when I'm purchasing my next brush!